The Prosperity Zone™ System Helps Professionals Who Want To Let Go of Control and Savor Freedom…

Regardless of the rapid rhythms of today’s life, most successful professionals struggle with wanting to have everything under control and wonder how to learn to let go and surrender…

Most professionals have many challenges – they have careers, growing families, spouses and hectic personal and social lives which need to be balanced to achieve lasting happiness. The likelihood is that as a solo-preneur, you’re the main breadwinner in your household and so the demands from all areas of your life can leave you (stripped) of energy with no time for yourself and no real sense of who you are.

As a businessperson, you try your best to be something to everybody, but in reality you end up being nothing to anybody. This can lead to internal conflict and a feeling of helplessness, overwhelm, loss of control and lack of energy.

YES! You CAN Lead A More Fulfilling Life: You Can Surrender and Let Go Even If You


  • Own or run a small business in which you do most things yourself – You’ll discover amazing strategies which will show you as a busy businesswoman how to juggle everything and remain in control, so you no longer feel lonely and frustrated at how much needs to be done
  • Want to express more of the ‘real you’ – I’ll show you how to be in the receiving mode rather than in the doing mode.
    You will learn how to surrender to what is and accept things as they are. This is a skill that can be learned and practiced to perfection. And from there, you can open yourself to more abundance and inner freedom. It helps to believe that the universe is working FOR you rather than AGAINST you and is responding to your deepest desires without you needing to struggle to get where you want
  • You want to switch to a new self, but fear change – I’ll give you valuable strategies which will help you take charge of your life combining success as a professional with a profound sense of fulfillment, peace and joy, so you can finally reconnect with your inner self

I Can Personally Help You To Attain True Happiness And Abundance In Every Aspect of Your Life, ESPECIALLY If:

  • You have conflicting demands in your personal, professional and spiritual life or if you have a tendency to want to control everything around you causing you stress and a poor life balance
  • You’re fed up with the daily grind and feel empty inside, and just want to let your hair down and have a good time
  • You may have issues with your weight which are holding you back and affecting your confidence levels
  • You might suffer from chronic pain and fatigue and feel no passion or joy in your daily life, relying on vices for inner fulfillment or distraction from the pain

Do YOU Have What It Takes To Succeed And Experience Fulfillment At A Deeper Level?

My clients come from all walks of life, and have a real desire to feel empowered and take charge of their life. In fact, you’re the perfect candidate for my coaching if you’re a businesswoman who has the desire to take action and implement the strategies I teach you…

Everyone wants a ‘juicier’, happier and more fulfilling life, but very few know what it takes to achieve this. What’s lacking in this instance is an ‘inner freedom blueprint’ – a roadmap for success which can be successfully followed to achieve the life you’ve always wanted…

…and my programs are specifically designed to help you help yourself…

So Let Me Show You EXACTLY How You Can Benefit From The Prosperity Zone™ With A FREE 60 Minute Session With Me, Patricia Gozlan!


But here’s the caveat:

I Can ONLY Help Those Who Want To Help Themselves!

You’re the ideal candidate for coaching success if you’re the kind of person who:

  • Is willing to invest in yourself
  • You’re a perfectionist and demand nothing but the best from yourself
  • You’re seriously committed to achieving extraordinary results
  • You want to make lasting changes for yourself and others
  • You have high standards for yourself and actively work towards your own personal growth

Success can only be achieved when you’re ready and willing to take full responsibility for your growth. I can’t help you if:

  • You’re not ready and willing to take action and change the status quo
  • You’re afraid to stand out from the crowd
  • You’re looking for easy answers or an instant fix for your problems
  • You already work with a psychotherapist, a coach or another professional on the same issues
  • You find excuses not to complete the programs, since these will prevent you from succeeding in life

Those professionals who are truly successful and happy in life are those that know what they want, with specific strategies in place to achieve those goals. As an entrepreneur, you’ll go far in life because you’re an action taker and will do whatever is necessary to ensure your success…

So, if you’re struggling with understanding your own deeper needs and yearn for an abundant, joyous and passionate life (which many solo-preneurs struggle with) where you wake up raring to go and ready to face each day, then as long as you’re committed to making the changes you need to start thriving – you’re definitely in the right place.

My focus is always YOUR success…and I give you the tools and the strategies you need to truly blossom and achieve your full potential so you remain true to your real self, instead of what others want from you.

Get In Touch With Me TODAY And Let’s Get Started!

I speak several languages including English, Greek, Italian, Spanish and French, so you can work with me in total confidence and finally break free from the self-imposed and limiting chains which are preventing you from unlocking the secrets to deep fulfillment.

So if you’re ready to step up, take charge of your life and lead an extraordinary life, then you can succeed on this program.

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about “How It Works“.