What Failure Can Teach You About Success!



Father: “I want you to marry a girl of my choice.”

Son: “I will choose my own bride!”

Father: “But… the girl is Bill Gates’ daughter.”

Son: “Well, in that case… OK!”

Next, Father approaches Bill Gates.

Father: “I have a husband for your daughter.”

Bill Gates: “But my daughter is too young to marry!”

Father: “But… this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.”

Bill Gates: “Ah, in that case… OK!”

Finally, Father goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Father: “I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.”

President: “But I already have more vice-presidents than I need!”

Father: “But… this young man is Bill Gates’ son-in-law.”

President: “Ah, in that case… OK!”

This is how good business is done.

(Cheeky isn’t it? But without failure, he wouldn’t have found ways to make it all work!)-Source Unknown

When interviewing entrepreneurs and savvy business-owners that have been successful for a long period of time, regardless the economy or their personal and business circumstances, I have noticed a pattern.

A pattern of success.

What is this pattern they unconsciously have that works independently despite being in a negative environment?

Here’s the secret: seeing what happens out of us as something we created in our own environment, and taking 100% responsibility over them.

(Taking 100% responsibility about what we create is what I teach in my tapping group coaching classes this is exactly the starting point to create change).

They say reality does not really exist from an objective point of view. When we perceive what we perceive, we create filters for what is outside.

Does this mean that successful people do not have fears, blocks, or unconsciously wicked beliefs?

Of course not! But, the big difference is how they perceive what is outside of them and what they say to themselves when it comes to ‘success’.

What do we mean by this? Say, when 90% of the people are terrified about the new laws on taxes, or what the government imposes on a country to relieve its debt (see Italy, where I live!) Mr. and Mrs. Success:

  • Have well-formulated plans and goals – something more that 90% of people never do or think about!
  • Read books – but how many of us actually read and implement what works to create more income and prosperity?
  • Test it for yourself here buy this work book to create YOUR model that works for you, your business and/or life!
  • Measure results – like a recipe or diet, it is a general ‘map’. We are not all the same, so keep testing and measuring until you find your working path
  • Attend classes and seminars, and be smart about them – This works for only a number of people, who are constantly curious and passionate about trying new tools and asking powerful questions without hesitating. They are not just sit-and-listen sessions!
  • Find the money when they need it. It is not lack of money (what the mass media wants you to believe to control you). Money is there. You will always find a way or another – just never give up until you do!
  • Ask a coach to help restructure basic beliefs on money, love and health – How to cook if you are missing the ingredients? Life coaching, or your mindset is the basis before starting any endeavor.

So if It’s NOT About Money…3 Steps to Mastering Abundance (read more through my eBook here), the economy or the abundance of information around us, what is it?

It’s Hypnosis!Do you know the cost of constantly feeling that everything around you is impossible, difficult, or that you are never enough?

This kind of hypnosis leads to the erosion of your self-esteem, bringing dull results in your life, health and relationships. With this, your own spiral of prosperity quickly transforms into a spiral of depression and sense of futility.

So, wake up and create a plan for yourself. Ask:

  • What do I want and why do I want it?
  • Where will success lead me?
  • How does this make me a better person?
  • What are the resources I need and have now to create a smart plan?

If you want to assess where you are now and where you want to be, subscribe to my newsletter here. You will later have access to an exercise that will help you start out towards what you most deserve. After all,

“The only place where success comes before work (or failure) is in the dictionary!”
– Vidal Sassoon



  1. Hi Patricia, what an interesting tale about parents, banks and Bill Gates, I’ve never read it before and yes, I can see that’s how business works.. 🙂

    Self hypnosis with dangerous beliefs can be very self limiting and destructive.

    • Thank you Sarah,
      the world outside of us is an illusion so why not choose the illusion that serves us? Why not create a compelling future and a joyful life since we can choose to through awareness?
      Nice to see you back!

      • Exactly so. Since the world is an illusion anyway, why not choose the one we want. Our worlds are created by our thoughts, and if we pick the ones we enjoy instead of things somebody else tells us are the important ones, our days are going to be infinitely better.

  2. I call it brainwash – this is why I don’t turn on the TV – it blasts you with negative feedback – my brain is only capable of taking in positive ions….

    Thanks for the great story Patricia and you live in a wonderful place.

    In love and light,

    • Being media savvy is like deciding to elimintate toxins of the food one decides to consume.
      Information is valid only when it makes us grow, feel better and gives us hope contributing to a compelling future.
      Thank you Nancy for coming back to visit;)I appreciate it!

  3. Being a recovering perfectionist, I had to learn to begin with small, easy steps and to view each step as an experiment that taught me what to do next. If I do not like a result, adjust my action. If I make a wrong decision, make another. When I am creating, failure is simply feedback.

    • Thank you Rachel I can relate with your thoughts;)
      Being a perfectionist presupposes we are not enough not perfect enough, going by step by step is a good strategy at the same time I believe that working on our unconscious mind programs can give us immediate prosperity and start learning from our mistakes right away. A “Just do it” strategy non attached to the perfection side of it-

  4. The idea of a pattern of success is perfect. I think we all have a pattern of success, some folks use this pattern to live a life of perfect failure and misery. And others use this pattern to live the life of the dreams they love.

    It’s our choice. We are in charge of who we are inside. Outside forces endeavor to get us to choose to their advantage, and ignore what is in our hearts. But the day when we simply and honestly select how we want our lives to be is a day that brings us true freedom. 🙂

    • Thank you Michael!
      It takes work, enthusiasm and determination to see who we are and what we want to acheive. Leadership is a resource all successful people have, they never take no for an answer and have a see things BIG!
      Thanks for your contribution and welcome back!

  5. Patricia, You are right on target with this article. When you look at the habits of successful people they stay positive and never give up no matter what challenges they face and this attitude leads to their success. They also have a action plan and set goals and then work everyday to achieve them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Shelley;)
      Success can be reached by all of us, it takes a strategy and the right mindset this is specifically what I help people doing;) Thanks for passing by and hope to see you soon.

  6. Patricia, the more I learn the more I agree with you! I am so glad I “woke up” and have a plan.

    I love the way Loral Langemeier is working to get this type of information down at the school level. We want kids to come out of school believing and understanding this way of thinking. We don’t want them getting sucked into the illusion.

    Great post! Like Nancy I don’t turn on the TV, if I really need to know someone will tell me. 🙂

    • Thanks Carla,
      TV is indeed another way to get us stuck and sucked in the illusion of drama, where is prosperity mindset in this? How can we grow from a paradigm of lack?
      Thanks for your insight|

  7. Great points, Partricia.

    It’s vitally important to invest in yourself through the education of books, seminars, classes, etc. It’s amazing how many people want the results but aren’t disciplined enough to seek out specialized knowledge. Successful people have a habit of making things happen when there doesn’t seem to be an obvious solution. Love the beginning example you used!

    • Thanks Anthony.
      When I see what people that had nothing to start with and thanks to their mindset they became leaders and still are I realize it’s not about money it’s about who we are;)

  8. Failures are only failure if we perceive them that way, Patricia.

    As you point out, we can objectively reframe situations to use them as launchpads for our progress… or we can get lost beneath the burden that unhappy results and fearful prospects all too often saddle us with.

    As always… the choice is all ours. And the so are the consequences of those choices..

    • Yes David,
      We are so much afraid of failure that we stay still to protect what we have;)
      Failure is an illusion so wht not step out of our box?
      We can try small steps and see how it goes, in our business and in our lives too!

  9. Patricia, As usual a wonderful post. I totally agree with you here. We need to think and act like successful people. I like to follow those that are successful and watch them carefully. See what they are doing in the leading edge of business. The world and it’s economy is changing quickly. We must be informed by the latest and greatest. Here I’m not talking about the talking heads of the media, but rather the leaders in industry.
    When there is negative chatter about how this economy is crumbling, I don’t listen. I consider myself a fox in the woods, watching for a chance to pounce on an opportunity.
    I remember the recession in the US in the 1970’s – I made so much money then, it was amazing. It is all about supply and demand.
    But most of all it is about mindset. We must keep our mindset strong. Strong enough to beat the odds. Where there’s a will there’s a way.
    Thank you for another thought provoking post.
    Donna Merrill

    • Thank you Donna,
      examples of the 70′s and other recessions should be here to teach us how some successful people made it in prosperity.
      I agree we must be strong meaning we need to tap into our creativity resources find solutions to what people are needing.
      Never take no as an answer just stick to a dream and believe in ourselves!
      and we self sabotage ourselves, just see it and then fix it, it is possible to get unstuck Thank god;)
      This is what I do with myslef and others;)

  10. Thank you Patricia for this wonderful post! Your patterns for success are excellent to follow. Looking at the patters of successful people, we can emulate the behavior of them. Keeping on target with the newest economical trends are also important. The doom and gloom of the talking heads of the media are always off point.
    A true successful person sees the opportunity even under the worse economical situations. Well….I do!
    Your post is amazing Thanks,

    • Thanks Donna,
      Chinese people use the same symbol for crisis and opportunity what is dark is light what is closed is opened, and so one…
      The Ying and the Yang is here to teach us to use our resources to go back and analyze our most important values, why are we doing what we are doing? What if the economomical crisis is a reflection of the ciris inside of us?
      Thank you for your inspiration and I hope to see you back I’m your fan;)

  11. They say readers are leaders. Reading is fundamental. Not only reading but applying like you said what is learned. That is when wisdom comes in with the right mindset.

    • I love this quote leaders are readyer Jacob, I wish I had time to read more;)
      Wisdom is about taking what is offered to us and trasnform it into a teaching, in total peace and lightness.

  12. Hi Patricia, fear of failure is what keeps most people behind but they don’t realize that without taking action and even fail they let so many opportunities pass them by, there is no successful man or woman who has never fail the only ones that could say that are those who have never try, thanks for sharing this motivation post…

    P.S: I wonder if Bill Gates has a daughter I might try this trick 🙂

    • Kalimera Kosta!
      Thanks for your comment;)
      If Bill Gates daughter is an example of how social netowking works and can lead you to succeed without being afraid to fail and.. with no investment;))

  13. Awesome! I love this subject and have written many articles and blog posts over the years along this theme. People can get so fearful about failure but failure is not a bad thing unless you give up. When we learn from mistakes and make adjustments we grow stronger and more skilled.

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