Trust the Universe and Let Go in 4 Easy Steps


Trusting is about creative manifesting:

Trust is a great obstacle for many people.

Most people fear change and choose to play it safe.

“Playing it safe” is another way of saying that you play not to lose.

Trust is the magical resource that moves things puts things in place in a logic that is NOT always rational.

Trust is not measurable in the sense you can not see it or hear it,it is a knowing you feel in your gut and when you have it you know it’s there to guide you for your highest good.

When we trust ourselves and the universe we do not ask ourselves “can I trust myself or the universe”!

Yet the most important component to attract easily what you most want is based on trust.

The question is: do you really trust the universe when you are about to reach a big goal,when you are in the middle of a big transition?

On the path of starting having the things turn for you in the best way and in the easiest way you’ll have to learn what trust is how it feels to trust yourself the unknown, life in general.

Trust is at the heart of everything.

Trusting the universe starts from trusting your heart, your intuition, your body and your feelings and who you are at the essence of your being.

How does trust work?

cover_getridoffearsPeople  that are undergoing major transitions in their lives and in their business can do so just by trusting in other words surrender with a feeling of knowing that things are taken care of after they have given their best.

Trusting means to put it out all there give it all you have and all you can with no attachments. This does not mean you need to stay idle and wait for things to happen. It means having a winning strategy and as a mindset know how to “play to win” rather than “playing not to lose”.

When you do not trust yourself things become more “ rusty”, ” hard”, ” difficult”- you are not in the flow and you tend to attract “ negative accidents” that you’d rather not in the middle of big changes.

This mistrust on what might happen in the future is FEAR and it  increases the voice of your inner gremlin, and the doubt about how things are going to turn out increase.

Which brings to 2 behaviors generally: Paralysis or forcing things to happen or a combination of both.

In your best attempt to control things around you and your feelings you may unknowingly sabotage the process that leads you straight to your dreams.

Balancing fear and letting go:

So what can you do when you are trapped in such a situation?

When on the one hand you are ready to take a leap into a new life, a new relationship, a new business adventure, a new trip and on the other hand you are held back by your second thoughts?

Balancing fear is about training yourself to change your inner dialogue, choosing to create better images in your mind’s eye so that your vibration rises to a neutral level where awareness is created.

When you allow your Higher Self  to use the mind as a “servant “rather than as “leader”, without giving it power and control, your visualizations, dreaming, and emotions come from your higher self from your inner wisdom or what we call the universal collective wisdom then you are connected to what is bigger than you, Source energy.

This free flow of love and trust stems from the heart from this knowing that you are much more than your thoughts.

From there you feel a sense of purpose which you can then see clearly and a sense of enthusiasm for your dreams and goals. The universal wisdom is at work and from this position the universal laws such LOA are put in motion naturally with no effort required.

4 steps to inner freedom:

  • The 1st step to take  is to write down what you really want in simple positive clear and  motivating terms.
  • The 2nd thing you can do is to write what stops you from getting where you want to go, in other words what are the second thoughts you are having now? Make the list big so that you can identify your limiting beliefs and reverse them on the spot
  • The 3rd step is asking yourself “is this so”? Is this true at 100%? Am I ready to bet this is true?
  • The 4th step is about removing this inner obstacle, in other words how can you get out of your own way now that you know that your doubts do not have a solid foundations ( step 3) by changing the parameters of your inner dialogue and the images you create when what you say to yourself sounds like the biggest truth. This is a playful process you can experiment by downloading your toolkit at the end of this post.

Practicing letting go and transforming your fears is a process, a habit you can learn and choose to start now.

Once you have done your best once you know what you want and you trust your strategy to go where you want to go, you can just relax.

Most of the successful professionals I work with get stuck on this part.

Trusting the universe that things will turn at their best interest and the interest of others.

If you want to create a life of joy and ease you just need to say “chisenefrega” (who damn cares- in Italian)

Learn to create some useful affirmations for YOU:

Once you have identifies your blocks in step 2 design some useful affirmations that will reverse your beliefs on the spot.

Here are some examples:

The universe is conspiring for my highest good and the good of all the people around me


I trust life“.


“I trust in the power of love to heal and guide me in all ways”.

Once you learn to connect with your higher self you can design the best affirmation that fits the specific situation.

In my  healing and coaching sessions I help others connect with their heart and inner wisdom and channel the best affirmation for them.

Another effective way to learn to let go in less than 20 seconds and transform your fears is by suing the V.A.K exercise that I share in my free N.L.P toolkit on how to let go of your worst fears you can download hereunder.

Fears such as fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear  of heights, fear of failure, fear of loneliness, fear of failure fear of financial problems, fear of success can be collapsed thanks to a combination of nlp tools and energy balancing exercise I offer in my sessions.

If you want to learn more you can grab your prosperity session here and fill in the application form that is attached, no strings attached!

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