The 4 Pillars of Energy Management For Healers


Manage your energy, manage your performance:

Before helping others managing their energy, their lives and attain the goals,heart-centered professionals need to know how to manage their energy.

This post is not about managing your time or becoming  a time management guru in 4 steps.

It’s about learning is 4 easy steps to manage your energy, balancing the energy expenditure (stress, fear, overwhelm) and the energy input ( inspiration, intuition, connecting to your heart),

As a healer, a heart-centered professional and a care giver, you need to allow yourself  to listen to your body and connect with your intuition.

Successful healers are connected to their hearts and their body’s , they refill their energy tank in a natural way, it has become a natural habit for them. Energy management has become unconscious knowing for them.  My message for you is that if they have done it using awareness, discipline and self-love you can do it too by modeling their  performance strategies.

Burnout is a reality, especially for those who play many roles during the day and for those who have professions that are focused on helping others.

Remembering to take 10 minutes breaks during the day, allowing and knowing you deserve to take care of yourself, being regular on energy clearings, nurturing your intimate relationships, taking care of your body are the pillars for managing your energy.

Energy management becomes a natural way of being when you learn to adopt these basic habits.

Here are  4 tips you can experiment now to balance your energy?

Because of  your tendency is to take care of others before taking care of yourselves,choose one sweet-spot-activity that energizes you, that fulfills you-an activity that gives you joy! In other words treat yourself with the best!

Tip 1: Be crazy, be innovative, have fun with your favorite activities for example play the piano, play tennis, go for a walk, take a dancing class, taste new foods, take a massage, do yoga.

Make it a ritual to take care of yourself 20 minutes per day with an easy activity like reading a chapter from your favorite book, taking a Pilates class, listening to music, meditate or take a walk in the woods.

Make sure to enjoy the activities you choose and make sure to add diversity excitement and curiosity.For example if you have never tried bio-dance and you would like to try it, plan it and just do it. Connecting with new people AND speaking about things you never speak about allows us to develop  new neurological connections that are useful for your balance.

Tip 2: It is important you let go of guilt or “ logical excuses” before deciding to take these breaks!When you feel your energy low when you feel tired, take brief breaks between your business or healing activities. The key here is to make a habit to use your physiology each time you take a break, for example daring water, take a walk, meditate, eat natural foods.

Tip 3: Make sure to express appreciation to yourself and others each time you take a break. Say “thank you” to yourself each time you take care of yourself and enjoy your favorite activity.Keep your energy balance always positive finding the energy management tips that work for you.The combination of sleep, rest, positive attitude towards the external events and your inner work are the basis for being productive as healers and solo-preneur. and having yourself and your clients rejuvenated, creative inspired and back to balance.

Tip 4: I  have noticed that many people feel much better when going to sleep at 10 pm and waking up early the quality of sleep is much better when we go to sleep before midnight. as far as exercise is concerned, studies show that the benefits of the so called fractionized exercises are huge for your health, your energy and our balance.

  •  Heal yourself, start from YOU!As a healer you are the instrument of health for others.Choose the energy tools that best suit you and take an appointment with yourself every week. Be your best client!
  • Work on your beliefs blocks or fears by hiring a coach or healer or by joining like minded people that can help you get unstuck when your energy tank is empty.
  •  Having a daily spiritual practice such as grounding exercises, prayer and energy balances. The source of all healing is within your innate capacity, it is part of  who you are.The   choice of the energy tool is not important what is more important is the intention to heal yourself so that you can heal the world.
  •  Tame your inner critic: Becoming your inner critic’s best friend  is the basis for feeling rejuvenated, energized and inspired to help others.Our inner critic can be very hard on us, perfectionist and self defeating.

Managing your energy, dancing with prosperity one step at the time:

Knowing how to restructure your inner voices becomes a habit so that in the long run it does not decide for you anymore. NLP and energy tools are of great help because in a very easy and soft way.

You can choose to  tame your inner critic, gain inner freedom and balance when you feel out of balance when your energy is low.

These are some of the most common issues healers and heart-centered professionals are struggling with.

As a coach and healer these are basic issues I have being dealing with  in my practice. Experimenting with these tips is the best way  for you to naturally energize yourself and be balance.

Being in balance is a process, it can be learned when we learn to love ourselves on the first place.

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  1. What a great post! So much is written about time management and not enough about energy management…thanks for spreading this valuable message. Tip #2 is powerful. A lot of healer type have the guilt gene and struggle with guilt regularly. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Patricia. As a coach and healer, I had to find the balance within me in order to really be an asset to my clients and help them. Great post!

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks for your comment.
      As you know we all have the information on how to do things.
      We just need to connect and make it a habit to clear ourselves from inner blocks this way we can walk our talk as healers and balanced instruments of wellness.

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Wonderful post. In order for Coaches and healers to help others they need to be “self-ish” and take care of their own needs first. Thank you for this great reminder!

  4. Hi Patricia,
    thank you so much for sharing your insights and great suggestions.

    Taking time out for ourselves can be a challenge especially when we have family to take care of.
    20 min a day is a great start, but I believe we deserve and need more than that!

    Going to bed before 10 has made a big difference for me. I feel more refreshed in the morning.

    I appreciate you taking the time to provide this useful information!

    • Hi Yorinda,
      Thanks for commenting it is always appreciated!
      20 minutes to be added to 10 minute breaks every hour is a good start for most workaholics like myself.
      My new challenge now is to put a timer near my pc to ring every 45 minutes changing with a sticky note with a different task every time.
      Just to add some fun and variety on the top of the inspiration;-)
      Sleeping early is amazing for me too, Yorinda, what a difference on the next day’s performance, right?

  5. Hi Patricia,

    Yes be crazy I like that tip and just today i was commenting on someone being a bit way out and i was reinded that I used to be that way- time for a reversal.

    Let’s catch up on skype this week- i will message you

  6. I started taking off weekends from working on projects in order to prevent burnout…and also make sure I spend time with my son. It took a lot of effort to get in the habit, and I really am glad I did it.

  7. I’ve recently started scheduling downtime as I just wasn’t making room for it. I then added in family time as I wasn’t making room for them, and no I’m going to add some me time, as I’m starting to feel tired again – thanks for sharing Patricia.

  8. Such a great post Patricia and you are right about the 4 pillars of energy in managing healing.
    By the way thanks a lot for sharing this,

    • Hi Wenie,
      Nice to meet you!
      Thanks for your comment, hope to see you on the site soon.In case you are interested in joining me for free monthly teleclasses on healers’ challenges
      lease feel free to join my list on the start here page.

  9. Thanks for a very helpful post, Patricia. I have found the 10 minute break practice particularly helpful, and am now looking forward to using some of your other techniques. I’m not a healer, though (except of myself!)

    Just occasionally, a spontaneous break from all our normal activities is a great way to regenerate for those of us who can do that. Last week I saw a cruise at a great price, and next week I’ll be taking it (you can read about it in my latest post).

    Best wishes


  10. Patricia, as a therapist, I appreciate your tips. One of the things that really helps me, as a therapist, is to obtain my own therapy, and also my own clinical consultation for cases that are particularly difficult. In addition, playing Wii sports; going for a run; and making healthy green smoothies, along with prayer/Bible study/meditation are ways I restore my energy.

    • Thank you Steve!
      Even the most important and famous dentist goes to see a dentist he trusts when he needs it.
      This is what I do with coaches and healers, help them let go and clear what needs to be cleared.
      Physiology, and meditation in form of prayer or visualization or other also help to contact our essence and ” update” our systems.

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