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The Shambala Way To Ease and Joy



Do not believe what you see choose a fresh perspective:

If what we see, hear and feel is the only reality we trust why are we surprised if most of us feel we are in prison?

What if the reality is something different than what we think it is?

What if we could change glasses and see life from a fresh perspective?

Being things from a fresh perspective we can choose  to see that there is  the possibility to see something more to life than separation, wars, misery and depression.

Instead of asking ourselves “how can I change this bad situation?” we can choose to ask ourselves:

“What am I refusing to see that if I could allow myself to see I would perceive something different?”

Rumi says:

“When you feel peace and  joy that’s when you are near truth”.

This is a bold statement for those of us that come from a place of “ I-see- the-glass-half-empty” believing that truth can only be equated with pain difficulty and struggle.

So, how can we turn the truth of what we think is true upside down?

  1. We are the only creators of our reality, so have 100% responsibility of what we create.
  2. The Divine is more than delighted to give us what we most desire the only thing that stops us from seeing it in our reality is the noise we have between our ears (our belief system).
  3. Acting from an inspired place and doing something new to change the statement “life is  unpredictable and most of the times I have no control over it” to “what if I could create whatever I wanted easily and with grace each moment I choose to do so?”

From this point of view, we can create space for more love joy and freedom:

There are many tools you can use to turn things upside down when you need clarity and a better state of mind.

One of the quickest and most fun ways I use for myself and my clients is by asking a bigger question:

When focused with the “suchness” of what is you can play your way into joy by asking some of these questions, ( these questions that have as a goal to make you change perspective and reach for the stars rather that make you chase after the right answer).

Here are some examples:

What is great about this that I had not thought about?

-What needs to happen so that I can see the magic I am able to create for myself and the others?

-What would Love do now?

As a matter of fact when you ask a great question you always receive a great answer.


Since we are the creators of our reality when you think of your levels of prosperity in health wealth and love you always have the freedom to choose.

Who are you choosing to be to receive infinite ability to dance with ease and joy?

If you want to expand your capacity to create more love freedom and joy in one of these 3 areas of your life I invite you to join me in my next free Teleclasses where  with a group of like-minded people we explore new healing tools that you can use in your day to day life.


5 Lies Professionals Tell To Themselves When Feeling Trapped


I always ask myself – what do successful and fulfilled people do to succeed, when others don’t in the same, shared environment?

This is important to know, so we model excellence, earn time and learn from other peoples’ mistakes, right?

The 5 principles I’m about to share with you are to be considered in your personal, business and spiritual life.

Once you have mastered these by reminding yourself of the opposite then you automatically connect with the field of infinite abundance, ready to create your specific desires, goals and dreams.

So what are these mistakes we always repeat like little robots? This inner dialogue we seem to repeat day and night… as if repeating these hypnotic, destructive mantras for years and years is not enough!


  • I am what I do. If I’m successful in my business, I am ok. If I am not, I am not worth it.

No wonder we struggle as what we tell ourselves paralyses us physically and spiritually. With no energy how can we grow and succeed?

  • I love myself if others love me.

This is my favorite one! What if others do not know or cannot feel the same way for you within their own reasons? Are you totally dependent of what they do or don’t? The truth is that you are loved in proportion to how much you love yourself. Yes, it’s the opposite!

  •  My value is defined by how much I have.

In a capitalistic society we are measured by our bank accounts. So what would you say about the people that have unethically robbed millions? How would you measure their value? If I am defined by my possessions, what happens when I am not here anymore? What is my value then, as a spiritual being?

  •  I am separate from what I do not have yet.

In various posts we have analyzed the contradiction of this postulate. If I feel separate from everything and everyone, I do not see the divinity in me, or others. Therefore, my belief will always be reconfirmed by behavior, which will reconfirm my belief (a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Only when we feel united and believe that what we have is already ours can we create and manifest what we want.

  •  ‘God’ does not love me. I am separate from ‘Him’

Call this infinite field God, Universe, Hara Krishna, Jesus or Buddha – it is not important.  Knowing (which is more than believing) that you are part of this oneness gives you the possibility to ask for and access the infinite files of abundance.

The united vibration of this and inner peace will bring you to act as if what you want is already here and therefore manifest it.

These 5 are the lies your ego- (E)verything (g)ood is (o)utside of you- will keep on telling you, restructured in many ways from day to day because you were conditioned this way.

Whether you are religious or not, there is a proverb in the Bible that goes,

Insincere talk that hides what you are really thinking is like a fine glaze on a cheap clay pot

Start restructuring your thoughts and defining yourself from others – stop lying to yourself and turn yourself into a pot worth selling!

What other lies do you tell yourself and how can you change these lies to create a different reality?

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Healthy Boundaries For More Healthy Relationships


Your choice is to be active or passive in your responses.
– Deborah Day


When we do not to set boundaries in our relationships we do this because we fear.

Fear is always at the root of unhealthy unbalanced relationships.

Learning to set healthy loving boundaries are the foundation for a healthy loving relationship.

You can overcome the fears behind this “ habit” and here is how.

What are the main fears that stop us for setting our boundaries?

  1. Fear to be rejected
  2. Fear to feel alone not appreciated or loved
  3. Fear to be misunderstood and therefore enter in an endless conflict
  4. Avoiding the feelings anger and frustration
  5. Fear to be abandoned or the feeling of separation

Behind all these fears the main fear remains the fear of losing.

The whole dysfunctional fear based pattern of avoiding being clear when expressing our boundaries has a price and sometimes the price can be very high.  Our bodies pay the price with anxiety, stress and lack of self-care.

Since we know how important healthy boundaries are why do we avoid expressing our true needs? Why do we “ swallow” instead of acting with integrity to our needs respecting the other person’s feelings and position?

It all boils down to our beliefs system, our fears, the way we have been conditioned to act or” react”in an intimate relationship.

We feel trapped either by guilt when expressing our needs either by fear of being rejected or abandoned.

What are the symptoms of unhealthy boundaries?

A lack of work life balance that is manifested in how healthy and fulfilled you feel:

  1. Being over responsible about your partners issues
  2. Feeling happy when the other person is happy and sad when the the other person is sad ( as if you had no filter)
  3. Expecting the other person to find solutions to your problems (ignoring your inner power)
  4. Feeling guilty when saying NO and feeling more comfortable in saying YES even to things  you do not agree with

So, what can you do to overcome this fear/ guilt situation while protecting yourself and be respectful to the other?

Having clarity about your boundaries, your needs and your values and write down why it is important for you to have boundaries in specific situations writing them down helps you to be grounded and firm

  1. Express your boundaries entering in rapport with your partner, be firm respectful in say what you need to say in a few words ( do not apologize ,work on  transforming  guilt feelings into respectful  assertive communication)
  2. Get inspired by people you know that are loving, polite respectful and who communicate clearly what they want with no fear or resentment model them
  3. Give yourself time and practice the more you do it the easier for you to learn to set your boundaries in a healthy loving way
  4. Be ready to pay the price of your integrity, if the person reacts to your communication it is not about you, it is about them.Remember the importance of your self care, self-love and healthy relationships based on respect and freedom.
  5. Choose love: Speaking from a loving intention for yourself first and foremost is the biggest expression of love you can offer to you and your partner. You can only give prosperity after you have given it to yourself.Repeat to yourself when meditating “I choose to express myself from the place of love, I now choose to let go of the illusion of fear.”

Learning to identify our boundaries is the foundation for a healthy, loving, fulfilling, exciting relationship.

If you want to let go of your hidden fears and guilt that have stopped you from learning to put healthy boundaries I invite you to sign in here for a CAB Fulfilling Balanced Relationship  Mini Session of 30 minutes. This session will allow you to gain clarity on why  you might feel that you do more and more for less and less.


Transform the Feeling Of Emptiness Inside With Basic Spiritual Learnings


“Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.”
– Naomi Campbell

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves when feeling empty inside, separated from the outside world, not loved or understood by others is:

“I will love myself when others will love me”.

What if others do not know or cannot feel the same way for you for their own reasons? Are you totally dependent of what they do or don’t? The truth is that you are loved in proportion to how much you love yourself. Yes, it’s the opposite!

Others feel empty inside when they do not have a relationship or when the relationships they are in is not ” perfect” as they would like it to be, in other words they do not feel loved or connected.

The feeling of emptiness inside or the feeling of unconditional love is always an inside job.

The belief behind this illusion is that only if someone would love them only then would they feel loved and thus fulfilled.

Each time we put a condition that is outside of us, such a good intimate relationship, a perfect job, money, success etc… we are putting ourselves ” in bondage”.

Inner emptiness or the feeling of fulfillment does not come from something external. The whole illusion comes from a scarcity mentality, a set of beliefs that are based on the fear of lack or other beliefs such as: ” I am not enough, I am not worthy, I do not have enough”.

If you want to feel love no matter the external circumstances, you can choose to do it now. Each time you feel you are protecting yourself controlling or analyzing your pain, you know you are in the fear/separation mode.

You can choose to restructure this feeling by connecting to your higher self with the intention of receiving love. With the intention of feeling love in any situation you are experiencing.

The magic of intention is that when you focus with all your resources towards the images sounds and feelings that make you feel one with everything and everyone around you, accessing to one these moments in your past when you were feeling perfectly in harmony with yourself and the outer world, the whole universe becomes your best friend and inner peace and manifestation of what you want are possible.

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Breaking the Old Patterns of Fear


stockvault-seagull-in-flight-2115609-e1326408312743Breaking the old pattern of fear and transforming it right away:

Fear has 2 daughters: paralysis and creative action.

Have you found yourself in situations where paralysis becomes the “perfect excuse” you give to yourself to stay in the comfort zone where you have always been? When your brain becomes dull with confusion  a crippling inner dialogue can only keep you stuck.

When fear is weaving it’s insidious tentacles around you, when you do not sleep anymore, when everything is making you cry, when you are oversensitive with no logical reason, when you can hardly breathe and see with clarity what you want, then you know you are out of the ZONE. You know you are in the ZONE when your heart sings, when you feel fulfilled, happy and a sense of inner peace.

If you want to be inspired to take action you need to change the inner dialogue of your gremlin, so that you can feel better and feel free to choose what to do and how to do in a joyful peaceful and productive manner.

Are you caught up in the fear pattern?

So even if you know this how come you cannot have what you want?

The reasons why we tend to take one step ahead and 2 steps back when we have a clear motivating goal might be the following:

  1. We fear we might not be able to reach the goal ( we lack the resources, time, strategy)
  2. We might fear that if we reach success we may not have enough free time for us
  3. We might fear that we do not deserve the best at the 1st place that other people in our family have a priority over us

There is an infinite number of limiting beliefs that hold us prisoners in fear even if externally it seems that you are in the flow that everything is OK.Your heart knows though something is off.

After you identify the emotion paralyzing you you can choose to change. Breaking the old pattern of fear is a process. It is about learning to love yourself again so that you feel OK and the others around you feel OK too.

You can feel that even though you are trained to take care of the routine stuff your heart is still hungry for the specific goal you have not reached yet, such as a fulfilling relationship, your ideal weight goal or a business goal you are struggling to achieve.

Fear is manifests life a chronic fever, it comes and goes and you know it is there when your body is sending you strong signals such as insomnia, worry, frustration and anger, chronic pain or even a bad relationship with food.Getting a grip on our own anxiety and reactivity is one of the 1st steps to take when you recognize the fear pattern.

The fear of not making it, the fear of not being rejected, the fear of being abandoned by your partner, are fears I often see in my practice when working with professional women that feel stuck in a plateau in one or more aspects of their lives.

These fears creep in and have a viral effect in our productivity, in our life balance and in the inner peace and freedom we all look for. If not healed, these fears are magnified when we go through a life transition such as divorce, changing country, beginning a new relationship, health issues or the loss/separation of someone we love.

What is the real truth behind fear?

The truth is that change is always scary. And it is only up to you to take it as an opportunity for growth.

As I said in the beginning of this short article, fear has 2 daughters. You can choose to feel energized and take inspired laser action or you can choose to stay paralyzed in the same old stories to keep you paralyzed in fear.

The longer you stay in the paralysis mode the more the suffering the highest the price to pay in the long run.

You can dance with prosperity and you can transform fear into inner freedom, creativity,joy and passion.

No matter if you feel stuck in your business, with your health or in a stagnant relationship. Breaking the old patterns of fear in 7 easy steps.

The 1st step is to recognize your emotions and accept yourself as you are now. If you want to learn how to do this you can download my fee report here.

If you choose inner freedom and passion you can take action now and take the opportunity to savor a free exciting joyful life.

When is the right time?

If you know it’s time to dance with fear and create space for prosperity, if you want to create a shiny bold exciting reality, be willing to take inspired action now, you can!

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