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Why Is Commitment the Fuel That Propels Your Prosperity?


Never, never, never, neve, give up! (Winston Churchill)

Why is it then that we have difficulty in following through our dreams and goals?

When your intention is 100% focused toward a goal, when you are ready to do what it takes then the doors of opportunities open and bring about more new opportunities and you suddenly feel you are in the flow.

Here is a short audio clip for you and find out how to let go of the fear of commitment.

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Awaken The Genie Within:Turning Fear into Joy


Turning fear into inner power

What if the bigger the resistance you are feeling now in your life around issues of health wealth or relationship, the bigger the opportunity for you to go beyond what you think is true?

The truth is that the more resistance, fear or doubt you think you feel the bigger for you the opportunity to transform your reality and dive into the infinite opportunities you can choose to create now.

The reality you create is the projection of the thoughts, beliefs, decisions judgments you have made in the past.

So, the moment you decide to DIS- believe in the rules you have bought or made up, you give yourself the opportunity to open the doors to the infinite possibilities of what could be true instead.

Resistance and bondage are not what they seem to be.

It’s made up according to the old memories, belief system we have stored in our system.

Freedom (i.e. the opposite of resistance) is everything you were told it is or you have decided it is for you, should be or ought to be.

What if resistance or bondage were so strong that you would have to come up with crazy creative ways to unleash what needs to be unleashed so that you can feel?

And what if the very existence of this resistance is the opportunity for you to discover what you really want (the S of my spiral model=Set a clear goal) so that you can reprogram you system ( the P of the S.P.I.RA.L stands for programming) and learn to Dance with the Divine creating the life that you want with ease and joy?

It’s time to wake up.

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Bringing Ease and Joy Into Your Life



What needs to happen for things to flow into your life easily and with grace?

Many of us have tried various practices from meditation to mindfulness from being present to what is using reprogramming tools that help us get into the right state to manifest more of what we want.

At the same time, there are moment when we forget who we really are and we tend to believe on the “isness” of what we live forgetting that we are the creators of what we live every single moment.

Knowing what we know, why is it that we “forget”?

What is going on behind the scenes of our mind that brings us back into the illusion of believing what we see on the outside?

How do we “get” into the flow so that the state of presence is magnified by this state of neutrality and Love?

The state of flow and inner guidance:

I would say that the state of flow is the state where the state of limitation just melts away because the mind slows down and is just observing the film with no judgment whatsoever.

The state of flow could be defined according to my experience by a state whereby after slowing down the mind’s pictures and sounds (I offer an NLP powerful easy exercise on how to do just that please feel free to send me a mail) we allow the state of connection to happen so that we can receive the message from our Divine Self and just BE.

This means that all states of “non-flow” where fear, judgment and separation exist are states of non disconnection, resistance a state where inspiration is blocked.

When you feel good you are connected to your inner guidance this part of you that “knows” everything – this part of you that is always available to to guide you show you protect you and love you unconditionally. You can use it to inspire you and to show you what is your Divine Path.

Being in that “state” where you do not need to DO things rather to “BE” , is what I mean when I refer to the flow.

There are several ways to release resistance and bring our energy to the present moment.

By letting go of resistance and doubt you clean the channel to guidance. You allow yourself to be united to who you really are and to receive guidance.

The importance of letting go and live in the flow:

The benefits of letting go resistance are to:

  1. Allow more space to receive more guidance;
  2. Feel better about yourself and thus be of service to the people around you in an easy natural way,
  3. Attract more of what you want by “listening”  and “feeling” the signs offered .
  4. The more you practice the more you expand your capacity to receive and be in the energy of love.

Here are 3 easy steps to tap into the wisdom of your inner guidance and dance with the flow:

  1. Make it a habit to sit in silence and observe the thoughts that arise without wanting to change them or stop them. The more you do it the curious you will become to listen and follow the signs of what arises. The sense of inner peace and joy will become bigger and bigger the more you allow yourself to be present.
  2. Make small baby steps by making small requests. For example while being in a meditative state, relax and focus on your body and ask it:

    “Body, what do you need now?”

    Listen and trust the answer. If you “feel” that what you receive as an answer just “clicks” then trust it and follow the “signs” by acting form this space of inspiration. (The “I” module of my SPIRAL system teaches you how to live form that space.) Keep a journal and see what happens.

  3. When you feel fear negative emotions or separation from the infinite being that you are, ask:

    What else is possible for me now?

    What do I need to let got of now to experience love, joy and freedom around this specific situation?

In my groups and one to one sessions you learn how to design the questions that will lead you to the answers inspired from your infinite being that you are.

dancing-with-the-divine_-bringing-fun-light-and-chocolate-to-lifeWhat does realigning with Source mean?

By connecting to our inner being to the state of neutrality and love we allow inspiration and guidance. This connection that looks like opening the tub and dive into the experience of flow and easiness is what creates the magic.

My S.P.I.R.A.L signature system is a recipe that allows you to define what you want and then to easily flow with ease and grace towards the manifestation of what you want by just following your inner guidance, surrender to the Divine and expand your capacity to create with easy and joy.

If you want to have a taste of what you can create in one or more areas of your life with ease, love and grace feel free to join me in my monthly free Teleclasses by signing in here.


The Thin Line Between Self-Love and Selfishness


How does self love differ from selfishness?

During a meeting with a client, the issue brought up was:

“If I take care of myself, I won’t be loved; I might be rejected for being considered selfish and egocentric“.

The issue of self-love is often perceived as selfishness.

I realized how often people are confused about these two concepts that when analyzed, are totally different.

The quality of your life and your relationships are determined by the ways you give yourself self love.

In this short post, we will explore the difference between self-love that leads to prosperity and selfishness, which is the result of lack of self-love.

Religion, social and family beliefs are the root cause of this confusion.

Is doing what you need to do like taking care of your body’s needs, self-care being at the top of the list, something you should feel guilty for?

Is putting other people’s demands before your demands the right way to end up in paradise?

Clearing Up Confusions:

We often get caught up in this kind of confusion believing that in order to be loved, seen, appreciated and at the center of attention, we need to put others’ demands before ours.

The answer to how self love differs from selfishness is answered in these lines below.

Now, as savvy professionals, we love taking care of others and healing their pains.

Of course, it becomes a habit to take care of others before taking care of ourselves, meeting our bodies’ needs and taking care of the goals we have as business owners.

Let us define what self-love is and selfishness is to give some clarity to those of you who feel that taking care of yourself first is considered an act of selfishness.

What is the Meaning of Loving Yourself?

Love and do what you want” – St. Augustine

Taking this famous quote into account, loving yourself means that you are responsible for your results, so being responsible about how you feel will define the results you produce in the outer world.

Being in charge of your results means being responsible about how well you take care of yourself, including how much you love yourself.

If your tank is empty, you are tired and exhausted and you lack clarity about the mechanics of love and prosperity, then how can you help others?

What will happen if you never take care of yourself?Take it to the extreme and you will see that this is the biggest act of selfishness and fear.

Loving yourself will lead you to a total freedom which you can share with and offer to others.

Loving yourself means that you are not expecting others to fix you when you fall down, as you have the tools to do so or you know how to ask help, so that you become independent to heal what needs to be healed.

Loving yourself means that you know that everything around you is love ( St.Augustine famous quote) and that if you love greatly, you will receive the same in return.

How to Love Yourself again:

MP900433103-e1325029200823As a service savvy professional you are a supplior of love.

If you do not start loving yourself by eating the right foods, breathing in the right way, exercising and taking care of yourself, what is the quality of “love” you will be giving to your clients?

You can learn to love yourself again, just as you can learn any skill!

Only if you love yourself can you connect with source and share love, inspiration and healing to others.

How can you expect to receive if you do not love yourself? In other words, the more you love yourself, the more open you are to receive love and the more open you are to allow money to enter in your energy field.

Everything is about balance. Prosperity is about balance.

You can achieve self esteem, you can achieve self love if you decide to balance your life and business.

You need to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others too. And taking care of yourself, loving yourself again, means taking care of your body, your relationships, your finances, and you spiritual well-being.

If you are not taking care of yourself with the excuse that doing so might be selfish, what you do is creating imbalanced relationships because you expect others to take care of you.

For some of us, unconsciously you are using the act of giving to attract more love and attention, which you are not giving to yourself.You can choose to change this belief now.

In order to create more balance and be more prosperous,  you can choose to do what St Augustine is suggesting.

By taking responsibility of your own life and feelings, (this is what coaching helps you achieve) you are filled within with love, inspiration, creativity, joy and health in a balanced way.

You are not living in the space of needing others to fill your tank.

Instead, you become a source of love and inspiration where others can come to quench their thirst.


The confusion about finding the thin line between self-love and selfishness. Until you choose to clear up the confusuion this might lead you to the opposite result of what you really want: imbalanced lives, relationships and health problems.

You can learn to love yourself again and you can clearly feel, see and touch how self love differs from selfishness, if you decide to.

If you want to learn how to fill your tank with more love, joy, health and prosperity, I encourage you to join my prosperity weekly tips by clicking hereunder in the box at the end of this post.

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Healthy Boundaries For More Healthy Relationships


Your choice is to be active or passive in your responses.
– Deborah Day


When we do not to set boundaries in our relationships we do this because we fear.

Fear is always at the root of unhealthy unbalanced relationships.

Learning to set healthy loving boundaries are the foundation for a healthy loving relationship.

You can overcome the fears behind this “ habit” and here is how.

What are the main fears that stop us for setting our boundaries?

  1. Fear to be rejected
  2. Fear to feel alone not appreciated or loved
  3. Fear to be misunderstood and therefore enter in an endless conflict
  4. Avoiding the feelings anger and frustration
  5. Fear to be abandoned or the feeling of separation

Behind all these fears the main fear remains the fear of losing.

The whole dysfunctional fear based pattern of avoiding being clear when expressing our boundaries has a price and sometimes the price can be very high.  Our bodies pay the price with anxiety, stress and lack of self-care.

Since we know how important healthy boundaries are why do we avoid expressing our true needs? Why do we “ swallow” instead of acting with integrity to our needs respecting the other person’s feelings and position?

It all boils down to our beliefs system, our fears, the way we have been conditioned to act or” react”in an intimate relationship.

We feel trapped either by guilt when expressing our needs either by fear of being rejected or abandoned.

What are the symptoms of unhealthy boundaries?

A lack of work life balance that is manifested in how healthy and fulfilled you feel:

  1. Being over responsible about your partners issues
  2. Feeling happy when the other person is happy and sad when the the other person is sad ( as if you had no filter)
  3. Expecting the other person to find solutions to your problems (ignoring your inner power)
  4. Feeling guilty when saying NO and feeling more comfortable in saying YES even to things  you do not agree with

So, what can you do to overcome this fear/ guilt situation while protecting yourself and be respectful to the other?

Having clarity about your boundaries, your needs and your values and write down why it is important for you to have boundaries in specific situations writing them down helps you to be grounded and firm

  1. Express your boundaries entering in rapport with your partner, be firm respectful in say what you need to say in a few words ( do not apologize ,work on  transforming  guilt feelings into respectful  assertive communication)
  2. Get inspired by people you know that are loving, polite respectful and who communicate clearly what they want with no fear or resentment model them
  3. Give yourself time and practice the more you do it the easier for you to learn to set your boundaries in a healthy loving way
  4. Be ready to pay the price of your integrity, if the person reacts to your communication it is not about you, it is about them.Remember the importance of your self care, self-love and healthy relationships based on respect and freedom.
  5. Choose love: Speaking from a loving intention for yourself first and foremost is the biggest expression of love you can offer to you and your partner. You can only give prosperity after you have given it to yourself.Repeat to yourself when meditating “I choose to express myself from the place of love, I now choose to let go of the illusion of fear.”

Learning to identify our boundaries is the foundation for a healthy, loving, fulfilling, exciting relationship.

If you want to let go of your hidden fears and guilt that have stopped you from learning to put healthy boundaries I invite you to sign in here for a CAB Fulfilling Balanced Relationship  Mini Session of 30 minutes. This session will allow you to gain clarity on why  you might feel that you do more and more for less and less.