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Drop The Drama : You Can Create More With Ease and Joy


New Year’s resolutions are a way to judge ourselves.And this is why New Year’s Resolution do not work. These are created from an energy of lack and scarcity rather than from an energy of love and acceptance.

Think about it: We are saying to ourselves and the world:

I do not like what I see in the mirror I need to change now!

We want to change our bodies image, change our relationship situation or the results we are creating in our businesses.

The truth is that change starts when we are ready to be thankful for what is in the here and now. From the position of no judgment of what is, we can now allow for change to come about with ease and joy.

For example, we crave an intimate relationship while we do not like our body, we constantly judge it put it on a strict diet, we do not listen to our needs, we think we know better than our body does.

So, how can we attract the right relationship with someone else or a better financial situation ie more ideal clients and opportunities when our inner voice keeps saying:

” You should change xyz BEFORE expecting something better to manifest”.

What if the change could manifest easily because we choose to be in total acceptance of our body, our lives as it is now?

Before attracting more intimacy in our relationship with the others, more money or a better relationship with the Divine, we could choose to create peace and unconditional acceptance now.

Like attracts like:

Who do we need to be to create space so that new good stuff shows up?

Before committing to change the first step would be to commit to being in allowance of “what is”.

From the energy of total acceptance, gratitude, and love with what you have and what you do not have yet.


The art of allowance is about saying yes thank you for who I am being right now just by observing this inner voice that tends to creep repeating all day long ” yes but..”

Even the “yes-buts” ( your inner objections) are here to show you there is an opportunity for you to accept yourself with this habit.

Three easy generative question that helps me and my clients expand my capacity to receive (The R of my S.P.I.R.A.L. signature model)  are:

-If I did not know what criticism felt like, who would I be now in the space of total easy allowance?

-What can I choose now from that space? What is my need right now and how can I allow myself to receive it?

-What is my need right now and how can I allow myself to receive it?

Would your best friend like to be judged by you all the time? Of course not. No one likes to be excluded so why are analyzing you doing this to yourself constantly by coanalyzing, measuring, separating, feeling guilty, sorry or even fearful of losing or not being enough?

Receiving is first of all about receiving yourself as you are in total acceptance.

Change becomes then natural like breathing or drinking a glass of water because from this very space of neutrality with no point of view and the consciousness that all is ONE we allow the infinite possibilities to show up in a fun and spontaneous way.

Are you willing to be willing to expand to this space of creation?

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Awaken The Genie Within:Turning Fear into Joy


Turning fear into inner power

What if the bigger the resistance you are feeling now in your life around issues of health wealth or relationship, the bigger the opportunity for you to go beyond what you think is true?

The truth is that the more resistance, fear or doubt you think you feel the bigger for you the opportunity to transform your reality and dive into the infinite opportunities you can choose to create now.

The reality you create is the projection of the thoughts, beliefs, decisions judgments you have made in the past.

So, the moment you decide to DIS- believe in the rules you have bought or made up, you give yourself the opportunity to open the doors to the infinite possibilities of what could be true instead.

Resistance and bondage are not what they seem to be.

It’s made up according to the old memories, belief system we have stored in our system.

Freedom (i.e. the opposite of resistance) is everything you were told it is or you have decided it is for you, should be or ought to be.

What if resistance or bondage were so strong that you would have to come up with crazy creative ways to unleash what needs to be unleashed so that you can feel?

And what if the very existence of this resistance is the opportunity for you to discover what you really want (the S of my spiral model=Set a clear goal) so that you can reprogram you system ( the P of the S.P.I.RA.L stands for programming) and learn to Dance with the Divine creating the life that you want with ease and joy?

It’s time to wake up.

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When you create the life you want, you have no need for excuses. Learn how to gain clarity, use your intuition and let go of your fears so you can savor life. This 1-day live workshop on manifesting what you want is for women who are thirsty for personal growth and transformation.

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Choosing the Path of Least Resistance During Christmas Holidays





Christmas often and all over the world appears to be an excuse to self-judgement, feelings of loneliness depression and sadness.

There are many reasons why this might happen:

The pressure of the family to engage in social gatherings, a feeling of obligation to buy presents and gifts for friends and family without always wanting to do so, a need to do a recap of the last year successes and failures, the constant focus on what has not worked the way one wanted, feelings of loneliness because a loved one might be far or might have transitioned.

Nevertheless, focusing on what is not perfect is a choice.

And choosing to focus on what works now is also a choice.

By being conscious of what thought you are choosing to believe in you give yourself the gift to feel lighter, confident and in your power.

What can you do?

  • Dare to demand what you want:

Make a demand that something different is going to show up in your life. Setting a goal is not enough. What is more important is the energy you put is asking what you want. Do whatever it takes to connect with joy love and freedom while writing down what you want. (My SPIRAL signature program teaches that you can manifest what you with freedom ease and joy). Make a list of the positive feeling and the values that are important to you and focus on them.

Set Your Zen alarm clock :

  • Wake up and reprogram your mind, now. This is a choice you have, and only you can choose to step up no one can do it for you. You can start observing your feelings and instead of fighting against what is, accept the “suchness” of what is as Eckhart Tolle puts it. The more you push against what is the more you focus on what you do not want the more you allow it to grow. Accepting “what is” allows you to be conscious that you are not your programming and that you are not a victim.
  • Love yourself first:

By loving and accepting yourself as you are with what you have and what you do not have yet you allow yourself to dance with prosperity. You open the door to new possibilities to show up. Loving yourself starts from taking care of your physical needs and your emotional needs staying present all the time.

  • Choose a fresh alternative:

Once you have arrived at a “zero emotional state” of total acceptance of what is you can now choose to do something different. Choosing a fresh alternative is something that only you can do. What are you ready and willing to choose for yourself now? Again, play yourself into inspiration by writing down what are the first steps you are committed to get out of your own way. Ask “What would Love do in my situation”?

  • Be generous with yourself:

Christmas is about sharing joy and love and taking care of yourself and others. It is not about forcing yourself to buy gifts to make others happy.

Take time to call the people you have lost contact with and be creative. Dare to use your imagination and go to places you have always wanted to go with these special persons and have fun.

  • Be grateful for what is:

If you are grateful you allow for more good things to enter in your life. Again it is about focusing on what works rather than focusing on what does not work. Controllingscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-11-12-53 things so that everything looks perfect and everyone is happy is a way play small. Let go of control and choose gratefulness.

Happiness is a choice and Christmas is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to wake up and make different choices and start telling yourself a “new story”.

The results that you have in your life are the reflection of the story you have being repeating up until now. You can choose a fresh alternative and practice telling yourself a new story.

Feel free to share your comments and /or your new inspiring story under this blog post.








Love, Freedom and Joy: Awaken The Genie Inside of You (Part 2)


In my previous article, I introduced the basic concepts of energy manifestation.

In this article, I am giving you a brief description of how it works.

divineHow does the SPIRAL game work? 

S: Set  specific goal and intention

You need clarity on what you want and you need to be specific. The enthusiasm in designing your goal, writing about it, speaking about it  create a magical energy field that shifts your energy system. Your magic wand is already at work with the power of intention. Your goal needs to have fuel  the energy that makes your heart sing that fills you with love and gratitude just my imagining yourself into it. The Universe that is in you can only match your intention. This is law. Same attracts same.

P: Program your mind:

The second module of the S.P.IR.A.L process is about programming your mind.

The fears, judgments, computations, decisions, fixed realities inherited from others or unconsciously created by yourself during childhood are in the way.

This “invisible wall” yet real because it is made of energy just as your positive thoughts are, stops you from seeing what you want in the here and now. What we most fear is not the fear of failure but the fear of being successful. You can choose to fly only if you do not fear to fall.

The other modules of my spiral model help you step by step to use your intuition, receive without feeling guilty, act from inspiration and let go.

I. Intuition:

use your intuition your inner guidance to make the right choices for you and move from an old time line to another easily and with joy. We often struggle to recognize when the message that we get is given my our rational mind or by our inner guidance. Recognizing the Magic that is in you is the goal of the S.P.IR.A.L game. Asking and receiving is easy and playful.

R. Receiving:

We think we know what receiving means where in reality we stop ourselves from receiving because we are afraid  that if we receive more than  we think we ought to , the risk is to be cut off from our families, peer group, and friends. The fear of being too much because we have said yes to the BIG DREAM is another way we unconsciously up limit ourselves, again playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

A: Act.

There are two types of action: the action that comes from an energy of constriction or obligation and fear and inspired action.

The most effective kind of actions is the one  that comes from an inspiration  (in – spirit): This kind of action is easy and is inspired by the flow you are in.

The simplest way to determine if you are inspired to do something is to ask yourself: Am I doing this because I love it, because I feel driven or because I have to? Am I acting to avoid pain or am I acting  and exciting because it feels natural to do so?

L: Letting go.

This is the most important module after the S module.

Knowing what you want does not mean you need to obsess about it to make it feel more real.

Who are you being when you consciously choose to let go of attachment, expectations, and neediness?

What do you need to believe to make this possible?

The Genie in you brings you the goodies only and if you let go of the need to receive what you want the way you want it.

Choosing to love yourself unconditionally in the place of “not knowing” is what allows the Universe and the infinite potential of who you are to bring you what you desire with freedom love and joy!

If you are interested in learning to use your superpowers with my S.P.IR.A.L model , I am inviting you to my 1-day workshop on the 25th February 2017 In Varese Italy.

Freedom, Love, and Joy: Awaken The Genie Inside of You. 

The workshop is for people that are thirsty for personal growth and is facilitated in Italian.Places are limited.

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Love, Freedom and Joy: Awaken The Genie Inside of You (Part 1)



Why manifesting your desires can be easier than what you thinkscreen-shot-2016-11-27-at-14-30-56:

How many times have you tried to manifest a desire by chasing the emotions attached to it as if the emotions themselves are the things responsible for manifesting what you truly want?

How does manifestation work at best for you using your unconscious and your conscious mind in an easy and practical way?

My signature S.P.I.R.A.L. 6 step process helps you to easily:

1.clean up the old deep-rooted beliefs bringing you in a state of neutrality .

2.ask and receive what you want in the fields of health wealth and love.

How manifestation works?

All of us have a Genius inside of us the only difference is that we are stuck with 2 beliefs:

1. The belief that we cannot be, have or do what we most desire.

2. The second belief is that we insist on being right about it.

What if there are infinite possibilities you have never imagined up until now?

What would you be willing to change if you knew the Universe has been,  is and will always be on your side?

The truth is that the experience of manifestation is an experience you have already because all that you have materialized up until today is the product of your beliefs that you deserve it and that you can have it. Manifestation is a natural process that all of us have experienced and experience each moment in our lives.

The gap between desiring more health , wealth and love and not having it is just one thought away.

By asking a generative question you can now change the perception of who you are and of what you can create.

For example,  when stuck with an issue you can ask yourself:

Who am I being without my fears ?

What would an infinite being do now?

Maybe you have been trained to manifest the things that you do not want just because you are unaware of the automatic pilot that takes over when you say you want something around health wealth or love and you keep manifesting the same reality.

The good news is that if  are  really committed to change or improve one aspect of your life you can!

And you can do it easily.

I have created a simple 6 step process the basis of my signature system where you are guided to use your inner Genie to create what you really want with effortless ease and joy.

In the next article, I explain how my S.P.I.R.AL.manifestaion model works one step at the time.

dancing-with-the-divine_-bringing-fun-light-and-chocolate-to-lifeIf all this resonates with you I’ll be happy to offer you a free conversation to explore the issues that keep you stuck and how the model can help you live in freedom love and joy.Stay tuned,