Success vs Fulfillment : Can You Really Achieve Both ?


“Ma’am, What is the secret of your success?” a reporter asked a bank president.
“Two words”
“And, Ma’am, what are they?”
“Right decisions.”
“And how do you make right decisions?”
“One word.”
“And, ma’am, What is that?”
“And how do you get Experience?”
“Two words”
“And, Ma’am, what are they?”
“Wrong decisions”

white-cover-report2This goes out to all the savvy businesswomen out there.

Do you KNOW the difference between ‘being successful’ and ‘feeling fulfilled’ in life?

Most business owners today are stuck in Jung’s ‘Warrior’ archetype. They want to BE more, they want to EARN more and they always want to be AHEAD of the pack.

But the question that is to be asked of oneself is ‘What is success to me and how does it define me?’.

Let me explain from personal experience.

I met a very close friend, a typical ‘Warrior’, who narrated how it took her years to realize that success wasn’t being wealthy or being number one in her field.

It was rather being healthy and being able to spend time with her loved ones.

So sit yourself down and define what success means to YOU.

You and nobody else. What YOU expect out of your life.

But, what about fulfillment?

Let’s define what fulfillment is to us.

I have noticed that whenever chronic pain afflicts our bodies, when we suffer from insomnia, stress and chronic fatigue, when we start taking weight and obsess over it, these are all signs that within us our mind, body, system and spirit are not balanced. In short, the person is UNFULFILLED.

Is there LOVE in your life?

How does it define you?

It is of vital importance that you not only love your near and dear ones but share the surplus you have with the world outside. The more you share, the more of it comes back to you.

Make a list of all activities that make you happy and strive towards fulfilling them. Happiness is a choice.

What are the values that define you as a human being and as a business man/woman?

I know of people out there who after striving for years have built personal fortunes but indulging themselves in a small trip, a present, a car and other small things still makes them feel guilty. What one needs to think about is that ‘How wealthy is my life inside-out’?

Is it OK to just keep earning money or is it also important to see the happiness on the faces of your near and dear when you pamper them with tokens of your love and gratitude. This does not mean you spend all your money and expect fulfillment.

For many, money brings up strong emotions of fear or guilt while spending, but it is a matter of striking an inner balance.

A balance between earning and spending that ensures fulfillment.

The lifestyles of ‘successful’ women often does not result in a life of fulfillment.

Feeling fulfilled is an inside job. One needs to know oneself, love oneself and realize that success isn’t everything unless it can lead to true fulfillment.

You needn’t be always right. Don’t forget to take those wrong decisions in life, but learn from your mistakes and strive to become a BETTER person.

For, as Lord Buddha aptly puts it:

“It is because of their tranquil thoughts that creatures go to prosperity”

Women of the world, take to action!

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  1. Love love love this article having only just discovered you, you have a lovely way with words, and the is message empowering. In a society that judges your success on a scale as described, it’s also becoming increasingly superficial in areas, but by looking inside for what fulfils you and your own “personal value success” life is by far a happier place. Thanks so much for sharing. Sara

  2. I totally agree Patricia, we have to define what success is for ourselves. Society defines success by measuring how famous and rich we are, but most of the times this success can bring us down if we are not careful. We see that every day on TV. For me it’s really important to take care of my health, family and after this I can take care of the rest.

  3. I love your message here Patricia. I agree it is so important to take time for self-discovery and to define not only what success means to us, but other important areas as well, happiness for example. Happiness to someone else might mean being surrounded lots of activity, friends and family, while for me happiness is quiet time in nature or curling up with a good book and my dog on a rainy afternoon. We also have the power to alter our definitions – for example with practice our definition of failure can be altered to mean opportunity rather than the end.

    • Thanks Marty,
      Success for each one of us is subjective the important thing is to know what makes us feel fulfilled and balanced.
      Saying quiet in the nature as you describe are a source of inspiration and inner richness.
      Appreciating what we have and focusing on what makes us feel inner peace and fulfillment are a definition of success.
      Failure does not exist, what we perceive as such is opportunity for us to grow and change, therefore prosperity seen from another angle.

  4. Well, we work to make a living, not the other way around…
    and we only live once… so, let’s make room for our true and happy self, right?

    • Welcome back Helene,
      Thanks for your comment, we work to make a living and not the other way around this is so true!
      WE get so caught in our routine and need to stay at the top that we often confuse being productive with being busy!

  5. Hey Patricia! This was such a thought-provoking post that you have written up. I think success and fulfillment can both be achieved. All of have a different point of view in life and what we call success and how we feel about fulfillment. I think we always have something we are reaching for and a goal or dream to run after so maybe absolute success and fulfillment isnt quite yet available to most of us?

    • Hi Kyle,
      life happens and even when we are masters of goal setting it’s about constantly keeping inner balance inside out.
      It is great that people like you are achieving this balance, you are an example others can model;)
      it’s about being aware of it and constantly measuring how we feel and where we are…
      Thanks for passing by!

  6. What a great article. There is always a possibility for everything in life. Success and fulfillment hopefully can go hand and hand with most of us. We all have a different want and need which will be our success filled life. When we hit the point of success there should always be a great reward at the end waiting for us. Whats yours?

    • Thanks for commenting!
      My success lies in the fact that I have identified my genius zone that is touching the Divine through intuition and being an inspiration to ohers.
      Knowing what are our talents and our unique purpose makes things easier t be in balance.
      A set of powerful questions when we ” fall” help us realign with our energy, purpose goals relationships and most of all our health!

  7. Hi Pat,
    I find that success is unleashing your inner alpha. Finding out exactly what are the obstacles stopping you from being happy and getting that solved. This article is an impluse for people that really have challenges in finding their inner happiness and strategies how to achieve it. Its really provoking and yet a call to action to take the first step.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      thanks for commenting on my post today and as always it is a pleasure to hear from you.
      Success does not necessarily equal fulfillment.
      Quite a lot business owners confuse fulfillment with professional success as a matter of fact they compensate what is missing in their lives with
      working more and struggling.
      learning to be fulfilled is an art of being and yes we can expand this capacity for more happiness and inner wellness independently of our success in business.

  8. I have a different measure of success than most people. Or maybe not all that different depending on how you look at it.

    With my business I want to be rich. I don’t want enough money to pay my bills, because I want to be able to help people. What good am I to anyone if I can’t help people in need.

    I want to have success to be able to be fulfilled. Hope that makes sense.

    • Hi Clint;)
      Thanks for your comment!
      This is a great goal to wanting to be rich in fact this is what I help my clients with,)
      Many savvy business owners get caught is this very goal and forget to stop, savor life be in the now and feel fulfilled;)
      It is easy to get caught in the success trap , being fulfilled is an state of art it needs a strategy for thiose that do not know how to do it for those who feel guilty when they offer themselves a present, trip or other …
      I’s all about knowing how to enjoy the journey, does this make sense?

  9. There is definitely a way to do both… I am doing it with web design and blogging. It has taken a lot of work so far, but I am really happy about it and always wanting to learn more.

  10. I appreciated this post, Patricia. These are lessons that I have I have had to learn over my life, sometimes the hard way. I feel lucky now to have a relatively stress-free life, and it’s good to be able to kick back and enjoy the things that are important to me. I appreciate your insights.

    All the best,

    • Hi Leslie,
      I am so happy to hear you have succeeded in living a stress free life, I am sure this success has been
      the result of a lot of wisdom, experience and daring to let go;)
      Thanks for passing by!

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