How to Attract the Right Business Partners Using Your Divine Guidance


How can we invite Divine Assistance to guide us to the ideal business partner?

We can we be sure of our intuition or our Divine Guidance?flower

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew with total certainty that you could find the right business partner, employee, assistant, or accountant?

More broadly, what is the secret to success in finding the ideal advisor, spiritual soul, home, business, or social circle?

All these perfect-fit-for-you people already exist in abundance!

But if so, why do you often feel stuck? How can you not see them? Why is it that sometimes you seem to attract the exact opposite of what you want?

Whenever you are not easily attracting what you want, you can be sure you are harboring resistance and a limiting pattern of beliefs.

If you feel you are powerless to attract the best situations and people, the reason is you do NOT allow these perfect fits to come into your life.

Unconsciously you block your own abundance with your thoughts.

When I work with the unconscious beliefs of my clients using kinesiology and a tool called “the  Divine message”, both my clients and I see that his or her conscious mind believes exactly the opposite of what the unconscious minds does.

We need to dialog with the unconscious mind since it rules out decisions.

Resistance is difficult to recognize at once because:

1.  Patterns of thought become so familiar they become invisible.

2.  You attract people like you (by the law of attraction), so it is difficult to consciously recognize an opposite paradigm.

What you believe invites more of the same into your life.

The first tip to overcoming unconscious resistance is to listen to your inner dialog.

You can immediately correct your self-talk by saying, often silently:

“ I now easily recognize and attract the right people for me.”

By repeatedly saying this phrase to yourself in total faith, you connect to the Universal Network of Infinite Intelligence.  You can then recognize the perfect-fit-for-you person.

It is important to have a clear mental picture of a your ideal person’s appearance, qualities, and relational style before asking.

It is also important to detect the core beliefs in your energy field that have stopped you from inviting the perfect business partner.

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  1. Well said Patricia. I find that the older I get the less tolerance I have for people who are negative or not able (or willing) to accept the power they have to create their own life experience. As a result I have found myself drawn more and more to people who are dynamic and energized – it makes a huge difference!

    • Hi Marty,
      I have the same problem;) I think that after an age we know what we want and we can choose our friends. The people we are friends can make ahug difference in the quality of the decisions we make.
      Thanks for our kind input!

  2. Patricia,

    Such great advice, as usual. I majored in psychology and I can tell you that what goes on in our subsconcious mind is soooooo powerful. We must learn what our subconscious mind is telling us about ourselves and then teach it to “say” and “know” what we want it to say and know about ourselves. I have this on my wall by my desk and read it everyday, several times a day. And the more I see that it’s true, the more I read it with emotion and the more it continues to be true for me!
    “I attract all the right people, circumstances, and opportunities, into both my life and buiness!”

    Love it!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

    • Hi Jupiter,
      Thank you for your message, this is a nice affirmation and it is nice because it works for you in such a powerful way.
      Setting an intention that we attract the right people, events and situations for our higher good is like giving our system a direction before starting the day.

  3. It helps to have a positive outlook when talking with people. I think if I had met Kim differently, we probably would not be partners in one of our business ventures. I think also being open to others and their ideas help in this and I feel blessed when I think of so many people that I have met as a blogger and web designer that I have built strong friendships and even have done repeat business with.

    • Thank you Nile,
      Your collaboration with Kim as a perfect example showing how important rapport is before starting business with a client or a JV.
      We tend to work with people that are like us and before we feel trust we need to communicate with our hearts without being attached to the outcome.
      Of course it is useful to have a balance between what we give and what we want. that is being focused on the end result we want to create.

  4. Patricia, I really like this mantra: “ I now easily recognize and attract the right people for me.” Putting this into my go to box for centering and focusing – thanks.

  5. Patricia

    I like your writing 🙂 True, you attract people like you so it’s hard to see it through others eyes. I admit I have a problem with that I see everything my way and overlook others. The perfect business partner would be someone that is as far as me as possible. Why? Because I gain of his/her strengths and he/she benefits from me. Two halfs make a whole right?

    • Hi Garen,
      thank you for your comment.
      Like attracts like and when we are conscious about what is important to us in our business then our communication is asking what is important and focusing on what others offer is easy.
      There is not good or bad right or wrong, it’s about knowing what we want and being in contact with our heart and the heart of others.
      Our intuition is the best guide in taking good decisions;)

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