Raise your Vibration By Dancing With Prosperity


“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”
– Japanese Proverb

Dancing with prosperity, raise your vibration in 5 baby steps

I do not know about you, but as a service professional, I often find myself overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that needs to be taken care of.

Life balance is a major issue especially for those that listen to their basic needs such as a good night’s sleep, healthy eating, good, meaningful relationships and of course a growing business.

Being in balance is also about being always fit emotionally to serve clients at the best.

Achieving all this in one shot can sometimes be challenging.

How can you raise your vibration while being in balance?

As we travel through life there are many things that can drain your energy, increase your stress level and put you out of balance.

Energy vampires, a demanding client or partner, a chronic pain issue, noise or a piece of bad news are examples of life’s challenges in everybody’s lives especially for service professionals who need to take care of all this by themselves.

The cost of being “out of state” or “out of balance” may stop your progresses in your business and take you out of track with your physical needs.

When you enjoy life from a high vibration your energy level is high, your batteries are full, joy is a natural and everything is easy. You are naturally in the flow and you attract more of what you love effortlessly. You are intuitive, inspiration and fun are part of who you are in all aspects of your life.

Dancing as a healing practice

Music is a 1st step to help you change your vibration , your mood and  an easy way to tap into your natural state of being.

The components of music are joy, love, fun and movement. So music is the bridge to make you tap in your natural state of joy.

As a 1st step you can start to pick a music that makes you feel better than what you feel when your vibration is low.

In my case I choose Jazz music or a relaxing healing music used for dance therapy.

Internet offers a huge variety for you to pick and choose.

By choosing a music that gives you energy,vibrational alignment becomes easy and automatic. You do not need to “force” things to feel good.

feeling good is a t the tip of your fingers!

Being willing to be willing  to pick and choose the music that energizes you is the 1st step to raise your vibration.

Can music heal you?

All emotions are built  in the music depending on what state you want to reach.

If you choose the music that matches how you want to feel, you change vibration and you can manifest more of what we want by being aligned to the emotion that music offers to you.

Step number 2:

Once you have made the effort to just reach for the music you like, you can now choose to dance….! Dance as if no one was looking at you, just dance, flowing with the emotions that music offers you.

The reason dance helps is because by using your physiology, it is easier for you to reach for a better feelings.

The roots of dance in healing work go back to ancient communities in which dance was used for healing and transformation as well as connecting to the Divine.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham

Here is an easy exercise that you can do when you feel down and you want to change your state or your vibrational alignment.

Some would think that to change your vibration, this can be achieved with a shortcut for example with the use of alcohol or drugs.

The problem with this shortcut is that by looking outside of you for a quick fix you are not teaching your body to be in a high state naturally and in a lasting way.Short cuts never last.

Exercise:Raise your vibration and create prosperity in your business

Let us say that you want to feel you lack energy and you want to feel empowered.

Or let’s say that you are overwhelmed and you want to feel totally relaxed and self confident so that everything in your life and business flows naturally in a productive way.

  • What is the music or song that inspires your desired inner state? Find the music on you tube and perform the NLP basic steps described below.
  • Now that you have chosen your favorite music,while listening to the music, just let it as if your body were one with it.Listen to it as many times as you think it is necessary until your vibration or emotional state has improved.
  • Ask yourself these questions:
  • How would your boy dance or move if you were extremely confident with all your daily tasks? Do it and exaggerate the movement so that you can take notes of what you did specifically. Take notes of what you did with your body in the desired state.
  • How would you use your voice in the desired state? Find an example of someone you want to model and just do what he or she would do using his or her voice. Take notes
  • How would you breathe if you were extremely  relaxed confident and productive? Again experiment and play with the breathing until you find the right breathing pattern of the relaxed confident you.
  • If you could dance the dance of totally relaxed confident and productive how would you dance YOUR dance?

Again do not try to be perfect just dance with the game, be the dance and play with each piece of this exercise.

Take away:

Practice this exercise for the next week in the morning before starting your day one at a time for few minutes.Let it reveal it by itself by relaxing.

Dancing with prosperity takes practice, you can start with these baby steps and measure your progress. Feeling well and raising your vibration to attract a more fulfilling life is something you can learn the same way you learned a foreign language or playing tennis.

Feel free to share with us your experience around this exercise!

For the readers of my blog: If you want to learn how to create more balance and abundance in your life and in your business, and dance with prosperity join my prosperity community by clicking here.

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