If you’re really serious about achieving a breakthrough the likes of which you have never experienced before. I’m opening my home to you, for an entire VIP day, for me to dig deep into your life and help you release those innermost fears keeping you frozen in place and then help you fly free to live the life of your dreams.

This is my soul purpose and I LOVE seeing people have big breakthroughs, right on the spot – in person. The thing is, those gigantic, fundamental breakthroughs don’t happen by themselves. So not only will we pinpoint the exact challenges that are keeping you stuck in place, but I’ll show you step-by-step how to release those anchors forever.

And then I’ll help you step up into the life you have been longing for – just as if you were a beautiful butterfly escaping from its cocoon and flying free.

To create this ultimate transformation requires exploring and analyzing, combined with lots of energy work in a heart to heart connection, and insights from a energy facilitator who knows what actually works. That’s why I get so excited at the prospect of having an entire DAY to coach you.

I’ll help you remove those barriers to success you’ve been keeping in place and create a custom plan for you to follow so you can transform your life, your history and your goals. This plan of transformation will allow you to finally express and live a successful life of joy, ease, success and happiness.

I’ll help you become the person your heart knows you to be.

The Life Changing Benefits You’ll Experience When I Coach You In The Creation of Your Complete Life Transformation During Your VIP Day…

These benefits are the direct result of applying my signature S.P.I.R.A.L. Coaching System to identify your challenges, release them once and for all and transform your life.


S = Set Goals

You’ll learn how to set smart goals based on what you want most for your business and your life. I’ll then show you how to easily achieve them without fear or overwhelm.

Goals are such an important step because without them you have no direction. It is as if you had decided to go on a journey but had no idea where you wanted to go. Unless you have goals in mind that are achievable, you are like the leaf that has fallen from the tree in autumn, being blown about by the winds that are signaling the beginning of winter.

You can wind up anywhere. Lost, off your path, trudging over the same track over and over again wondering why you are not making any progress.

In this step, I will help you clarify your goals, help you decide on your path and start you on your way to living the life you are dreaming about.

Accept that you have limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. It is vitally important that you say to yourself, “I accept myself as I am now. The only thing I can control is me. I cannot control the external environment.”
At times, you can experience and suffer from chronic pain. This is your body, naturally reacting to your thoughts and giving you information about your limiting beliefs as they affect your well being. Your body is the best indicator or proof when there is something wrong somewhere about what you are doing. In terms of Quantic Physics, this occurs when you experience the Fear of Separation against the Awareness of Oneness.

P= Program your Mindset

You’ll discover how to reprogram your mind so your beliefs serve you to attract abundance easily.

This is the heart core of your program. Here I will help you to identify which ones of your current unconscious beliefs are the ones that no longer serve you, specifically those programs that are standing in the way of you achieving your goals.

Here I will help you to ask yourself the tough questions such as

  • “What is the cost to be the one always giving tons of love and attention and not truly enjoying or expecting anything in return?”
  • “How can I, as a woman, enjoy life if I am only, and always only, preparing myself in the unlimited giving mode?”
  • “Who do I need to be to live a life of grace, joy and freedom?

Then taking the responses we elicit, I will help you to restructure your innermost attitudes so that everything you think, do and say transforms into ideas that are helping you along your path of inner freedom instead of keeping you blocked from your true natural state of well-being.

We will start the process of putting those changed beliefs into action. When you let go of the stress or personally limiting beliefs that you placed on your own body, your body will also automatically let go of the pain. Beginning at this moment of change in your thoughts, your entire life will change.

How different your life will be, now that you have replaced the pain with a pleasant feeling after you have learned to let go of the burden of thoughts and things that did not belong to you in the first place?


I= Intuition

You’ll learn how to take immediate, independent action by listening to your inner voice and making favorable choices in your business.

Intuition is the process of connecting with your divine self. When you realize that there is something bigger than you and that you can feel and accept it with your five senses, your life will change at the most basic level.

You are part of the Divine. Of course the Divine is bigger than you, but everything you are is part of the Divine realm. This is who you truly are. Most times we have learned from a very early age that we are separate from the Divine; using our intuition is the way we can let go of the belief of separation.

I will show you how to make using your intuition an automatic process that allows you to feel connected to what is bigger than you and be in peace instantaneously. Your true nature will be revealed to you in absolute clarity. And you will wonder how you ever thought in any other way.

Think about it – if you were disconnected and put yourself against what is bigger than you, you would constantly feel that you are stuck in a losing battle!

R= Receive

Receiving abundance means allowing yourself to receive, so you become open to new opportunities and creativity. You’ll discover a new-found richness in your life you never knew existed!

The only way to receive something different than what you are receiving in your life right now is by changing. That sounds simple, and in fact, it is simple. But it is not so easy when you are trying to create long lasting change in your life when you have been thinking in the same pattern for most of your life.

I will help you to reprogram your mind with what serves you more in this situation. Together we will install the divine abundance beliefs that will serve you, now. For me, I have programmed my mind to always tell myself, “I am worthy to receive infinite abundance. I choose to give to whom I want. I choose what I want freely. I choose peace.”

Just like my perception of myself immediately changes when I use this affirmation at a most basic level in my mind, yours will too. My life and relationships with other people together with everything that surrounds me changes when I use this tool, and you will see similar results in your life, virtually instantaneously.

Reprogramming your thoughts works to change your life, I struggled on my own to change my own life. I want to help you change your life without you going through the amount of struggle that I had to go through.


A= Action

Gain awareness of your needs using conscious and unconscious resources to get clarity and openness. Discover which actions to take, when to take them, in what context and why you should be taking them.

What good would a plan of change be without action? The best way to guarantee success in your life, to bring the changes you want to see in your new and improved version of your Divine life, is to take small and significant actions one at a time.

We will create a plan for your transformation and lay out in detail the precise actions you are going to take to create your new self. This is where so many people fall off the paths of transformation they have started on by trying to change in giant leaps and bounds.

The true way to be successful in your process of transformation is to make a plan you can accomplish and step by step go through each action and recognize the changes you are making on a daily basis. This process works and is simple enough to make practical success available for everyone.

L= Let Go

The final step is about the art of LETTING GO. As soon as we let go of whatever is bothering us, we set ourselves free to reclaim energy for ourselves.

Let go of what doesn’t serve you. When we face the truth about ourselves we finally see that it is not a surprise knowing we grew up to think that ‘giving’ is best and that ‘receiving’ is taboo and perceived as selfishness. Well, the problem with that is, if all you ever do is keep giving, who is at the receiving end? Aren’t you putting them in a situation of selfishness and taboo?

Think of it like a door. Your previous programming is like a useless lock you have installed on your door, which only unlocks if it responds to your program – so how do you expect to allow joy and prosperity in abundance if you’ve unconsciously locked them out?

That’s right, ‘let go’ of that lock – you don’t need it! Once you do you will see that you are opening your life and your heart to receive and allow for miracles to enter in and change your life!


Meet Patricia Gozlan


Patricia Gozlan is an NLP Life and Business Certified Coach and Energy Psychology Advanced Facilitator, who loves teaming up with dynamic successful women, who are also wanting to find the best way to combine success and joy. Her clients are international business owners who are forever on the go, trying to meet their busy schedules and ensure they have balanced lives.

They are struggling to release their worst challenges and at the same time attract more of what they love in life, and they don’t know where to start.

Patricia coaches women in personal and business issues. Through the proven Prosperity Zone paradigm she helps each person envisage herself as a fulfilled business owner, as well as a spiritual being leading a joyful and fulfilled life.

Patricia specializes in using NLP and energy psychology advanced techniques to help her clients find a clear path for personal and business success.

Her approach is uniquely effective because she connects heart to heart through the Divine in a healing way.


You are invited to join me here in the beautiful and historic city of Lugano in the lovely Ticino region of Switzerland for a full day one-on-one, in person consultation.

You’ll spend an entire day with me focused 100% on your transformation.

I will tailor your experience to quickly focus on your most pressing issue so that you can quickly move forward on your path in life


A VIP Day gives you a specific roadmap for our day together and a plan for how to continue your transformation process.

Through my personal life journey I have come to understand exactly what it’s like to spend every waking moment working. To have no time left at the end of the day to savor the sweetness of life in all its goodness.

I will help you to focus on what you truly want in life and work with you to create the transformation you have been dreaming of. I’ll make sure you focus on what’s important, what will fill your soul and what will make you happiest.

It’s incredibly helpful to have a professional coach to help guide you along your path on your business. But not just any coach … I’ve worked with many people in small groups and individually. I developed my S.P.I.R.A.L. System of coaching expressly to help you on your journey.

Just be ready, I’m not here to coddle you — I’m going to tell you what you need to know. I’m not afraid to show you exactly what you have been hiding from yourself.

Yes, we’re going to pack the day with tons of hands-on planning and implementing… but you’ll also have an opportunity to enjoy your trip even more because the city of Lugano and the surrounding countryside is breathtakingly beautiful.

Grazia's Testimonial“I realized that all I need for my wellness is already within me and no one better than myself can take me by the hand and lead me to the right direction.
Now, I feel firmly balanced on my legs, I don’t need anyone’s crutch, I am autonomous and independent because I realized that I have myself and the Universe to guide me toward my own sake.
Before, I was feeling admired, loved, appreciated, accepted only if others were recognizing my talents; now I feel free, happy, serene, centered with the Universe, a winner, powerful, beloved, vibrant, desired and constantly playful.
This is a continuous personal growth process and it’s great to know that I ALWAYS have at my disposal all the resources I need, it doesn’t matter if I’m alone or with others.
It’s wonderful to realize that every day I can get something good from my life because I DESERVE IT.Thank you, Thank you Thank you!”

Grazia Mitti – Milan – Italy
Myriam's Testimonial“I met Patricia in a class with about 30 other coaches. Very quickly she distinguished herself by her intelligence, her huge heart and her unshakable commitment to excel. From that point on, we met once a week to exchange ideas on our coaching business. One day, unknowingly, she coached me as I felt stuck with my energy levels: I was checking out every day, early in the evening, and I did not have the energy to do anything more for my business. With her magic – it really is! Great questions, greater intuition and amazing use of basic tools – she “unstuck” me!
I have been going on for over 6 months now with great energy and enthusiasm and I know I owe it to her. Since then, I have experienced on many occasions the brilliance of her coaching. The beauty is that she makes it seems so simple, yet the results are so amazing!
Beyond knowledge and competence, which Patricia has plenty of, she has the gift of bringing out the best in people and produced profound changes in a very short time! Sincerely, she is a truly gifted human being and having her as a coach is a blessing!”

Myriam Najjar, CTA Certified Success Coach, Montreal.

Benvenuti a Lugano


How Your VIP Day Will Work

We start with a Strategy Session phone call

1407154016_Phone-RedAbout a week before your VIP Day we’ll have an in-depth 50-minute phone or Skype call. We’ll start your strategy planning on this call and continue when we’re in-person together. This preparation is vital so that we can make the most of our time together here in Lugano.

You arrive in Lugano at least one day before your VIP Day begins.

1407154569_FalconI provide you a list of recommended hpatriciagozlan.comotels in a variety of price ranges. You should plan to stay at least 2 nights. Of course you can stay longer and experience all Lugano has to offer. This is a beautiful city and the lake is stunning, so I heartily recommend you stay a bit longer.

We’ll start around 9:30am

1407155004_cairo-clockYou’ll arrive at my home and we’ll start with a nice cup of coffee (if you like) freshly prepared just for you. Typically, the first half of the day is spent on the first 3 modules of the VIP Intensive program. These three will focus on reviewing and clarifying your goals, clearing your blocks and beginning the integration of your goals into your life.

By the time we break for lunch, you will be well along on your path of transformation. And it will be definitely time for revitalization and refreshment.

I will treat you to a delicious lunch

Lugano is one of the most popular destinations in all of Switzerland and is packed full of wonderful restaurants, both large and small. The loveliest ones are those by the lake and I will treat to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants there.

The Transformation Modules – The Heart and Soul of your VIP day

love_valentines_dayYour VIP day will be divided up into modules – certain things to accomplish to complete your transformation. Related, of course, but more like concentrations in particular areas of work.

Here is what your VIP day will consist of: (all times are approximate)

Module 1 – The Review: approximate time of completion – 60 minutes. We will review your goals for your day, the ones we established during your initial phone call before you arrived in Lugano. We’ll set the stage for how the day is going to progress, and most importantly, we will capture 3 limiting thoughts that are getting in your way. Then we’ll take a short break – complete an energizing exercise and be ready to advance to Module 2.

Module 2 – Reprogramming: approximate time of completion – 45 minutes. We will utilize the process of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to reprogram your thinking and to set the stage for integration. Then we take another short break and during this time you will need to search for and find 2 objects for the integration exercise coming up in Module 3.

Module 3 – Integration: approximate time of completion – 45 minutes. We’ll begin with a solution focused exercise and then move directly into a personalized creative visualization. From there we will go to lunch at a beautiful restaurant down by Lake Lugano. During lunch we will complete a short writing exercise to help capture 3 significant “Aha” moments from the exercises in Module 3.

Module 4 – The Wheel of Life: approximate time for completion – 45 minutes. We’ll begin with a debriefing and restatement of your “Aha” moments from Module 3. Then using the Wheel of Life, we will focus in on the specific area you choose to work on first. It is here we are going to be asking the question of what has changed for you so far. And when you realize the transformation you have made in this first area, we will decide which area you are going to be working on next. Then we will have a break during which we will do a sensory cleanse.

Module 5 – Moving Forward: approximate time for completion – 45 minutes. In this module we will create your action plan which you will use to continue on with your transformation process. We will zero in on which new habits and behaviors you need to express from now on in order to make your transformation complete. And then we will wrap the day up with you saying exactly what you need to say to make the day complete.

Keeping On Track

1407252039_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0002_11These are our followup sessions where once a week for 4 weeks after your VIP Day, we will meet together on the phone or on Skype for 90 minutes to make sure you are comfortable with your continuing transformation and to make any adjustments that might be necessary.

Are You A Good Fit For A VIP Private Coaching Day?

A VIP Private Coaching Day isn’t right for everyone. Because we are going to spend an entire day together, you will need to meet a few requirements.

  • You will need an internal longing for something better in your life. A longing to the point where you are willing to come to Lugano for a private coaching day. No thoughts along the lines of, “Well, maybe I could just try out this private coaching day idea” Commitment is the word we take very seriously. I am entirely committed to your successful transformation and I expect you to feel the same.
  • You will need to be willing to try some cutting edge transformation tools and techniques. Things like EFT tapping, the Wheel of Life, and NLP transformative processes. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of using these tools to start your rapid transformation, then the VIP Private Coaching Day is not for you.
  • You will need to be willing to complete the exercises I give you. Even though we are not talking about physical exercises here, these can be every bit as difficult. You will need the results of these exercises we will go through in order to make the transformation possible. Come prepared to work hard during our session.
  • You will need to be willing to complete all follow up sessions after your day here in Lugano. Each of these sessions is crucial to your successful transformation. These are not the kind of thing you can miss and listen to the recording later on. Real transformation requires an ongoing commitment to the process.

To be considered for a VIP Private Coaching Day, you are required to complete a short application. I’ll review the application to make sure the VIP Day is a good fit for you now.

I know this opportunity isn’t for everybody. It’s only for those who are serious about creating true transformation in their lives. If this is you, then please Click Here For The Application and I look forward to speaking with you soon.