Finally, You Too Can Experience Financial Freedom And A More Joyous And Abundant Life…In Only 60 Days…

groupcoaching1We live in a turbulent world and have demanding careers and personal lives. In times like this, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, burnt out and experience inner turmoil as you struggle to deal with every aspect of your life.

The program is based on my S.P.I.R.A.L™ system for total inner and outer wellbeing.

S.P.I.R.A.L™ stands for:

S= Set Goals

You’ll learn how to set smart goals based on what you want most for your business and your life. I’ll then show you how to easily achieve them without fear or overwhelm.

P= Program your mind around Prosperity

You’ll discover how to reprogram your mind so your beliefs serve you to attract prosperity easily – independently of what’s happening in the economy.

I= Intuition

You’ll learn how to take immediate, independent action by listening to your inner voice and making favorable choices in your business.

R= Receive

Receiving abundance means allowing yourself to receive, so you become open to new opportunities and creativity. You’ll discover a new-found richness in your life you never knew existed!

A= Action

Gain awareness of your needs using conscious and unconscious resources to get clarity and openness. Discover which actions to take, when to take them, in what context and why you should be taking them.

L= Let Go

The final step is about the art of LETTING GO. As soon as we let go of whatever is bothering us, we set ourselves free to reclaim energy for ourselves.

The Truth Is:

You Only Need 60 Days to start enjoying financial freedom and savoring life!


I’ve been there!

I’m Patricia Gozlan, and I’ve been in the same position as you find yourself right now. My story is probably a lot like yours: I am a small business owner in the world of fashion and I am a Business and Life Coach.

For over 15 years, I have worked as a fashion consultant and agent in Milan, Italy where I still live and work.  As a fashion consultant, I have worked with buyers and local suppliers from more than 17 countries.

In spite of my success, I always struggled. Success meant a struggle of hard work and great sacrifice. I became so “good” in this struggle that I became an expert in worrying about my issues as well as other peoples’ issues, as if they were mine!

Is The S.P.I.R.A.L™ Program Right For You?

The Group coaching program is perfect for you if you:

  • Are a high-flying solopreneur who wants a joyous, abundant life but doesn’t know how
  • Have a poor work-life balance
  • Feel overwhelm and procrastinate all the time
  • Wake up feeling empty and unfulfilled and aren’t able to understand why
  • Are anxious, worried or lonely and feel like every day is a struggle
  • Want infinite prosperity without feeling guilty

You’ll meet like minded people from Italy and all around the world both in person and over the telephone to share your values, ideals and fears with other successful high-flyers just like you who are also struggling with the same issues.

How Will You Benefit From The S.P.I.R.A.L™ Program?

  • Release unconscious inner resistance, fears and patterns that have held you back in every aspect of your life
  • Re-ignite your passion, heal current and past relationships, let go of blocks and fears and create a healthy space to attract a nurturing, profoundly intimate relationship into your life
  • Accomplish more with less effort, remaining calm and in balance. As a result, you are better able to live in the here and now with total joy
  • Enjoy greater balance, perspective and enjoyment in the personal areas of health, relationships and creativity, as well as increased sales, profits and leadership in your business
  • Become more creative, more intuitive, more productive, more relaxed and adapt more easily to external challenges – focus on what you CAN change and let go of thought patterns based on the need to control in order to feel safe
  • Acquire new habits that nurture you and give you a deep sense of fulfillment – the need to “anesthetize” pain with vices such as food or alcohol disappears completely
  • Meeting professionals from all over the world with same issues as yours
  • Lasts for 2 months
  • This program offers great value for it’s price

What’s Included in the S.P.I.R.A.L ™ Group Coaching Program?

  • 9 weeks of experiential group coaching education, accountability and support from a highly qualified and experienced Master NLP coach, Advanced Energy facilitator, Intuition practitioner and healer. This is real PROSPERITY!
  • Fun provocative homework assignments from one session to the next, with “provocative” exercises that reinforce the learning and cohesion of the group
  • Dependable technology such as Facebook, virtual video conference calls, and unlimited emails together with personal prosperity coaching, during the growing process
  • Individual 40 minute weekly one-on-one coaching sessions for each group member during the 60 day group coaching program
  • Meet, share and enrich the experience of coaching with others like you and learn from them, enlarging your map of awareness and perception

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it .

– Dr. Ernest Holmes

So if you’re ready to make the transition from chaotic to calm, from troubled to joyful, from lack to prosperity, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 50 minute strategy session in which I’ll help you uncover:

  • Your biggest challenges
  • What you’re struggling to achieve in your life
  • What emotional blocks are preventing you from moving forward
  • How you can move forward and achieve the life you want to live


myriam85px“I have been witnessing how people around me would take decisions based on their intuition, and being a very left-brain person I could not understand how they were doing it. After all, I always needed to weight pros and cons, look at all alternatives and then take a rational decision… but i knew i was ready to experience something new, something more! and then I heard about Patricia Gozlan’s module on intuition.What a discovery! She explained the 4 pillars of INTUITION so that I was gradually brought into the concept and then she walked us through an actual experience of getting in touch with my own intuition. For me it was difficult at first but she patiently guided me through it and then it happened: it was SOOOO thrilling.It’s been 3 days now and I have been trying this exercise every chance i get and I use it on different questions that pop in my business and in my life! I can’t wait to experience the “level 2″ on intuition. My life is already changing drastically because now I have the reflex to check with my intuition instead of checking for all the facts out there and then agonize in order to make the best decision possible. Thank you Patricia for this precious nugget! Truly amazing!”

Myriam Najjar, CTA Certified Success Coach Empowering businesswomen to soar to new levels of success

oggicurzio85px“…With a graceful and delicate approach, she took my heart and my thoughts back to place they were before, in the flowery field of the enthusiasm for life, of the love for work and for the others, of criticism acceptance, of a peaceful past and a dream future, of the self-appropriation….

I’d like to end up with this aphorism from the XIV Dalai Lama,- Tenzin Gyatso “No one is born under an unlucky star; if anything there are people who look badly at the sky.” Patricia taught me this: to look at the sky through different eyes…”

Curzio Ramarte, CTA Writer – Turin


“…I now freely express what I want, with no fear of being rejected, and I get everything I desire starting from a deep and genuine self-esteem. Finally, I’ve got freedom, I express myself without any fear and I spontaneously obtain what I want! I have increased my sales thanks to this “freedom to say what I want” from more than 40 % in 6 months!!…”

Amalia Esposito, CTA Wellness Operator – Bari

aliki85px“…To sum it up, I need to say this Patricia offered me the opportunity to take a good honest look at myself!She became the path of my thoughts and she led me to places I kept well hidden out of fear and guilt! She was there with me in this “journey” holding my hand so that she could encourage me to go deeper.She put my fears into a whole new perspective and finally she shared my relief and happiness!My energy in the end was sky high! Honestly speaking for a couple of days my cheeks were almost hurting from smiling but I couldn’t help it.

Aliki Maroutsi, CTA Manager (Fashion Import Manager Greece)


As a special service for you, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you make full use of the services and support that I share with you, I’m sure you will be more thrilled with the results and insights you will achieve right away!

If you decide the session wasn’t what you expected, just let me know within 30 days of session, and I’ll give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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