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I want to share this life changing special report with you so that you can experience true prosperity and joy. I have transformed my life using these tools and techniques, my clients have transformed their lives and therefore you can transform your life too.


Teresa Tsandilis“I have learned to respect myself- something that before starting working with Patricia, seemed impossible to achieve!

After the VIP program I realised how easy it is to start loving myself again and reach my goals one after the other, it is easy and something anyone can do when he or she is really committed to grow and live in peace…

I used to put others before me as I never valued myself, I can contribute by giving more value – an inner sense of wellness that others benefit from. I was able to enter in a plane (after 15 years of panic and frustration) and apart from this important challenge, in less than 4 weeks, I have reached my professional goals that were related to my communication with others.

I learned to take care of myself both physically and emotionally using the energy tools Patricia taught me.

The people I work with told me I look more healthy, they said they never saw me as fit as I am now! They also see me smiling where as before I was sad and in doubt about everything around me.

The technique of “my ideal self” allows me to be aware of my value and to achieve with others what I want without entering in conflict…

One of the biggest wins in the sessions I had with Patricia after the VIP program, was savoring each moment during the session.

As a matter of fact I encourage all my friends and the people I care about to get a “taste” of growing into the persons we are in our essence…”

– Teresa Tsandilis- Business Owner, Athens-Greece

“Thanks to Patricia, I realized that all I need for my wellness is already within me and no one better than myself can take me by the hand and lead me to the right direction.

Now, I feel firmly balanced on my legs, I don’t need anyone’s crutch, I am autonomous and independent because I realized that I have myself and the Universe to guide me toward my own sake.

Before, I was feeling admired, loved, appreciated, accepted only if others were recognizing my talents; now I feel free, happy, serene, centered with the Universe, a winner, powerful, beloved, vibrant, desired and constantly playful.

This is a continuous personal growth process and it’s great to know that I ALWAYS have at my disposal all the resources I need, it doesn’t matter if I’m alone or with others.

It’s wonderful to realize that every day I can get something good from my life because I DESERVE IT. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!”

– Grazia Mitti – Milan – Italy