Let’s Explore Working Together


You’re here because you’re ready, you’re hungry, and you’re smart — smart enough to know you need the best help and gain prosperity and balance now!

Here’s the kind of help I can provide:

  • Guidance to help you bring forth your natural gifts and talents.
  • Tools and techniques to help you let go of your major blocks and prosper in your life and in your business
  • Fun powerful strategies to help you prosper in your business and savor life

First Step: Apply for a Complimentary Prosperity Strategy Session

This 30 minute session, called the Prosperity Session, is designed to help you gain inner power and clarity about that which keeps you stuck in a plateau in your life or in your business ventures.

Apply today for a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation to discover your objectives, your roadblocks and your options for dancing with prosperity with expert coaching, guidance, feedback and support.

Myriam's Testimonial“…Today i took a CAB (Calibration, Action, Balance) session with Patricia. I was prepared with a short list of my goals and objectives (they were very clear to me) and as it turned out, a much longer list of all the reasons why I could not sustain that success state.

Patricia brought me to realize, with a great sense of easiness and laughter, how I was stuck in some recurring limiting patterns. She allowed me to see the bright possibilities laying ahead of me. The confidence she displayed in me and in the tools she has, convinced me without a shred of a doubt that I have finally found the perfect ally to ‘unstick’ myself and help me move to the next level, by reframing my beliefs. Patricia, your CAB session was like a ride in and out of my future where I saw myself convincingly radiating at my highest potential and fulfiling my true purpose with no fears.”

Myriam Najjar, CTA Certified Success Coach, Montreal.

I will help you see:

  • Your blind spots and inner blocks that have stopped you prospering in your life and in your business
  • Clarify your goals
  • Construct an action plan that will take you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

This session would be conducted through Skype or telephone. You will take from the session a renewed sense of clarity, energy, and self-awareness pertaining to your quality of life, business success, and personal fulfillment.

If you are interested to book a Prosperity session, the first step is to get to know each other, is to fill the application form below and I will come back to you and let you know if your application will be accepted.

I have a limited number of spots available for prosperity sessions each month, and I screen the requests carefully out of respect for time — both yours and mine.

Apply today to increase your chances of grabbing a spot!