Letting Go Of The Fear Of Scarcity


let-go2Spiritual awakening and  how to heal fear of scarcity:

As solo professionals we tend to think that consciousness is just the head.

Our consciousness is far more than than our head, it is about the way we relate to our bodies and the way we as human beings expand through time and space.

Because our society rewards the rational part of our minds, our intellect, we tend to fear our emotional responses to stress, fear of scarcity and imbalance.

By being ” blind” to the the needs of our bodies and emotions has enormous costs on the quality of our lives.

Our innate needs such as healthy nutrition, intimacy, healthy relationships and a sound life balance makes us feel empty inside and this very feeling of doing without being is the cause of more frustration, fear, isolation and often poor results in our business.

This disconnection the denial of seeing inside what needs to be balanced, heard and healed keeps us in a state of numbness and often is a state of pain.

Overwork and overeating are 2 of the most habitual patterns we use to stay in the denial of our own feelings.

Fear of scarcity is very common and deciding to heal it with it’s various aspects can really shape your life.

The power of healing fear of scarcity:

Changing our thoughts, the way we perceive ourselves, our bodies and the outside world is always the st step towards healing yourself and consequently healing others.

We need to change the way we think about ourselves heal what needs to be healed, take time to reprogram the old dysfunctional patterns that keep us numb, immobilized, in fear and in the never ending loop of scarcity mindset.

The scarcity model that relies on the fact that there is not enough love, money, food  etc…the guilt behind the idea of receiving when others suffer

The idea to invest on oneself when others can’t afford it is contaminating prosperity for the individual and for the world as a system in general.

What can be done?

The root of scarcity feelings lies in childhood memories. The fear of not having enough becomes part of who we are as we are conditioned from and early age to this scarcity consciousness.This connection between our conscious and subconscious is the essence of our spiritual awakening-which is reflected at the physical level by our immune system.

The 1st step to take is to recognize the” spirit- saboteur” behind our actions.

Healing yourself before healing others, the 3 steps you can take to heal yourself in matter of seconds:

  1. Be a detective of your actions and identify fear of scarcity. Ask:
    • Who is dictating my thoughts now?
    • Whose voice is this?
    • Am I motivated by my essence of love and freedom or rather the voice of my fear memory?
  2. Check in with your body, how does this thought make you feel physically are you experiencing a feeling of opening and expansion or are you feeling a feeling of constraint ? When you identify where this thought of being less than, dis-empowered, small and unloved then it is easy to recognize the “matrix” that is running your thoughts and behaviors.
  3. Check your relationship with money. Money is energy and the way you relate to it tells you how you feel about prosperity for yourself and others. Spending it with no respect is also a sign of imbalance it mat hide a need to justify your fear of scarcity.
  4. Check your relationship with others:In my last post I address the fear of losing love. Again the quality of your relationships and the relationship you have with your body are great indicators or how you perceive prosperity, abundance, love and life in general. And as you know the beliefs you have are the ones that shape the results you are attracting and creating in the outside world.
  5. Balance your energy with  prosperous healing thoughts: You can start repeating regularly of after you have caught yourself in a scarcity thought of not having or not being enough “I always have what I need and want I now expand my capacity to receive more for myself and others”


The fear of not making it is related to your fear of not surviving. This 1st root chakra issue is quite complex as it has many facets to it.By bringing awareness to it and healing the fear and patter each time it shows up with a different “face” in your personal life, in your health or in your business you can choose to reclaim your power and let go of the old programming.

Healing is a deep process that offers you joy, relief, awareness opening, physical well-being on the spot. As you wake up in a deeper conscious prosperity vibration , one step at the time you can see measurable results in the way you feel, in the clients you attract, in the quality of your relationships and in the sense of purpose and fulfillment.

As we all wake up in this process of spiritual awakening we offer the opportunity to others to do the same.

For those of you that feel stuck in the fear of not being enough or not having enough I offer a C.A.B session of 30 minutes to help you identify your old core issues that keeps ” running” your life and business.

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