How to Create New Ideas, Concepts, New Riches and Prosperity With Your Energy?


Do you know about …Richie Stachowski?

This little boy just thought talking to his father under water when he was 11 years old.

He focused his energy on the idea of inventing an underwater walkie talkie toy. And now, currently in his mid-20s, he heads a Moraga, CA company called Short Stack (referring to his love for pancakes), whilst still being the lovable, typical down-to-earth person that he is.

“I’ve always been interested in what makes things work. I used to take things apart and put them back together… If you think you have a good idea, just go for it!”

– Richie Stachowski (at age 15), 
Amazing Young Toy Inventor


What energy you give out to attract to yourself, that manifests into things around you.

Vibrational reality, is also a function of your feelings, and is a choice. In order for you to attract and create what you want, you need to realize that you are not made, or heading into the fears that you are seeing through the images that you see in your head. You also need to realize that having pictured those fearful situations in your head, it is actually a form of obsession… and that you will not get what you want when you go into an obsession overdrive either.

Your feelings are the fuel of creation and success, and it is only under YOUR CONTROL.

What you feel is a function of the images you make in your head and the words that you say to yourself and the feeling you “create” to yourself.

If this is the simple recipe of success, then why do most of us continue to produce doubtful, scary images, voices and words in our heads about ourselves and everything else that surrounds us?

The answer is FEAR.

And what does FEAR depend upon?

Your beliefs and conditioning, which are all mostly done unconsciously.  Do you depend on something outside you to feel good – like a new cat, a bigger house, or MR and MRS Perfect? Are these the terms and conditions that you live by to feel good about yourself and the outside world?

What would happen when these physical or material things disappear? This is exactly what you do not want – being dependent on something external to feel prosperous!

If you are fearful, overwhelmed, anxious or disappointed since you focus on what is ‘not perfect yet’, then it is sure that you will either see no change in your life in spite of your efforts. You will feel like a leaf in the middle of chaos, not knowing where you will end up because you are at the mercy of external events.

Now, I have also talked about how obsession is counterproductive in many articles before this.

Instead of being obsessed about manifesting what you want you can choose to focus and expand on the positive feelings that you have on the ‘here-and-now’ and you are therefore in a position of joy ; gratitude with NO expectations is what  allows the miracles to happen.

Wanting things to happen without resistance is the key to begin manifesting them.

For example:

Look at the cat. It is always fed, and knows it will always be fed. It doesn’t beg, ask or remind the owner that it needs to be fed. The cat does what it wants without questioning its owner, and the owner will always provide the cat what it needs. Does your cat worry if it will be fed tonight? Does it wonder why the other cats did not appreciate them enough? Does it suffer from insomnia or psychosis fearing that things will not be taken care of?

What is this invisible force that takes care of everything for the cat in total abundance?

This is the very invisible force that takes care of YOU too so that you live in total abundance in the same exact way!

Know that your joy, love, gratitude and inner peace are the real fuel that will permit you to manifest what you want, even if your dreams are the wildest that anyone can imagine, it is completely up to you (and I say with the simple example of our young Richie Stachowski, it is not impossible to find a way to make your wildest dreams a reality).

So talk to me now – what do you normally have in your mind about your business, or your future?

If you knew like  in the example of the cat, that everything is taken care of when you give your best, what would this do for you and your business?



  1. Hi Patricia

    Thank you for this Great info, I just need it on this very moment.

    Well i am working on a project this very moment that i need the answer that you give me to answer my Why Question in a good way.

    I just read “The Power Beyond Positive Thinking” and i am starting to apply what i read. for a week now to get better results on what i am working on and it is working. But for sup reason one thing just do not start to happen as i need it to happen and you did give the answer to my. Relax and let go and the things will come to you.


  2. Relying on other things to succeed is not really of any help. Those factors can change…so relying on yourself is best. It does create that fear factor and makes it hard to do things. You are always worrying and wondering.

    Right now I enjoy connecting with people. I am past just focusing on the sale and just having fun. Sales happen, but I value the connections I make.

    I recently attended WordCamp Atlanta and a lady had the button that said ‘F’ Fear… of course the first word was all there, but I was like… amen! 🙂

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Fear is something that affects us all. However, successful people just walk through the fear and do it anyway. I think this is easier when you are younger because you have less to compare your actions against. For me, my Faith in God has helped me a lot to walk through fears that seem to crop up almost every day.

    Thanks for a great article.

    • Thank you Clare,
      you are right Faith is the one of our most important resources when it comes to overcome fear and attract prosperity. Many energy tools leverage this infinite power of our higher self to create the reality we desire.

  4. Patricia,
    I do not nor will I ever think of being fearful. That is an illusion that others live with daily.

    I focus on blessing others with empowering them to manifest their passions. My faith keeps me strong and there is nothing that I can not do with GOD.

    I believe and have unyielding faith to visualize my day prior to it being. I can see myself supporting others and only doing what I love. Enjoying and sharing all the love.

    Thinking only positive thoughts and not allowing others to get me to focus on thier doubts and fears. I refuse to acknowledge negative things.

    Being one who has always served others with a true servant’s heart is what my lifestyle is all about. Why people go through days with doubt is not something I waste my time on. Finding the good in everyone and everything is my way of attitude. I am greatful just to be alive daily and give God the praises.

    If we just understand that being happy and sharing love is simple and choose to share that. Everyone would not be focused on what someone else is thinking.

    Sure I listen to all people who I am building a real relationships with. Just to find out what they need and want from me. I get to know them and support their personal and business growth.

    Give before receiving and your journey will be one of amazing adventures. Look to write a story daily full of excitement and action supporting others. Take yourself out of the equation and really resolve the issues of others. Then they will see how awesome God is and all things will be done through the strength God gives.

    Patricia, your amazing and one of our great coaches in this industry. Your insight is well known globally and I am one who appreciates all the support you continue to give others. Your one person with character and it shows through your actions.

    I look forward in reading your next wonderful article. Knowing that something will be generated through your knowledge.

    • I’ts always exciting to meet people who do not “do” fear anymore, I have come to the same point as you do William otherwise how can we guide people to do so right?
      Thanks for your insights you are always welcome to share exciting and interesting life experiences I am sure lot’s of readers appreciate it so much!
      Thank you!

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