How Disease and Chronic Pain Manifests Through Your Unconscious Mind


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.“
– Buddha

There are three factors that result to symptoms of illness:

  1. Toxic Thoughts
  2. Toxic Emotions
  3. Toxic Chemicals, produced in your body from your negative thoughts and emotions.


Yes, diet and environment do help contribute to disease. But, they are not the real underlying cause for it.

Emotional stress has the biggest impact on your immune system above any other factor. In my business I have met so many different kinds of people, but it is also through them that I realize that our society today promotes drama, stress and struggle.

From what I see from everyone that I know and work with, there are two types of people that I know and work with:

  • People who are calm and approaches life in a balanced fashion. They rarely get sick and will almost never get chronically sick (yes, they just grow older, but in a slow and graceful way).
  • People that are typically very emotional, and, or have had serious traumatic experiences in their past. They also tend to hold on to emotions, or have a never-ending grudge and become very spiteful about these past events. These are the type that, more or less get chronically sick.

From my own personal experience, I learned that I only start to let go of this pain when I let go of the painful thoughts and emotions first.

As an example, let’s say when you become stressed or disharmonious you begin to have toxic, or negative thoughts.

You unconsciously determine your perception of your life’s events, which then causes you to express negative emotions. This leads your body to create toxic chemicals and cells that tend to deteriorate and degenerate your body.

With this, your body goes into a state of degeneration and stagnation, opening up the opportunity in attracting viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites and fungi. If that doesn’t make it worse, you also store toxic chemicals from the food you are eating and the pollution around you since your body will not be detoxifying properly.

What most people have not been taught how to deal with stress and live with a good work life balance.

Can you now see the real secret to good health? If you are in a state of balance and harmony mentally, emotionally, and physically, then illness simply cannot settle in your body.

The true root cause of most illnesses is when you suppress and store your emotions.

And of course, prevention is better than cure – find out ways to manage and let go of negative emotions and keep good ones instead, with your partner, coach, family, friends… whichever you find most comfortable with.

My Laser Health Coaching program helps eliminate fear before a surgical operation, physical chronic pain when you have tried everything and nothing seems to work at 100 %, or when you just want to learn to listen to what your body is telling you before the “disease” manifests in your body.

There is also another thing you must know, and that is your body has a divine blueprint for perfect health. Learn about more about this divine blueprint in my next post (Part 3) 😉

“The diseases which destroy a man are no less natural than the instincts that preserve him.”
– George Santayana

Do you tend to experience negative moments, and allow it to repeat in your mind?

Do you know how to let it go, and feel the burden lighten when you do. After I listen to what you want to let go of, I will be happy to offer you some fun ritual solutions to let go of your beliefs that are at the root of your discomfort.



  1. Hi Patricia,

    The power of the subconscious mind – isn’t it amazing. I have consulted with many clients struggling with different inflammatory diseases and I have seen a direct correlation between their thought patterns and the amount of inflammation in their physical bodies.

    I use quantum biofeedback to help clients change their subconscious thought patterns. It has been amazing to witness miracle changes when the subconscious mind relaxes and stress reduces. As inner peace emerges, the physical body literally starts to let go of what it has been clinging to. I work with clients on all realms in order to achieve lasting change.
    I look forward to reading the other articles on your blog!

    Kind regards,

  2. Excellent Pots Patricia,

    I absolutely agree, the things we eat and what we do matters a lot, but it is nothing compared to the power of our thoughts.

    I was just on a call with Christie Marie Sheldon where she was talking about how someone was suffering with back pain for 20 years and she reversed it in one session that took about about 15 minutes by treating the core of the problem on the level of the memory that was in the client’s subconscious and the energy that went along with that.

    Our ability to change our lives changes exponentially the closer we move to the root cause rather than just adjusting effects.

    • Thank you for your comment Paul…
      From your blog, I see we are in total alignment in what we agree upon;)
      Our thoughts pilot of our lives, the idea is to read our unconscious thoughts that trigger negative emotions, clear ourselves from past events that have hurt us and have left scars and leave space for abundance to manifest ( the art of allowing as Esther Hicks explains in her books).

  3. The Simontons (Drs. Carl and Stephanie) did classic research in the field of visualization and its effects on degenerative diseases in general, specifically cancer. From their work, the entire field of neurolinguistics sprung up, showing us the many, many ways that our subconscious minds determine our health, and the ways we can alter that programming.

    People really need to be aware of how possible their growth and health is, and how foundational it is to perceive our health in order to actualize it. Removing stressful reaction patterns gives us the ability to respond to negative occurrences in a manner that empowers and enlivens us, rather than in debilitating us.

    It is essential that people learn to do this to prevent illness before it manifests in possibly irreversible maladies. Your work in helping people in this way are incredibly valuable, Patricia, and I wish you the best in all your efforts.

  4. I normally get sick from others during the winter time…and specifically January every year, but I am fine the rest of the year. I still work when I can, think good thoughts. However, I prefer not to be sick. I even stepped up my exercise regimen because I want to lose weight and be a bit more serious than last year. 2011 was at least stepping in and committing to a physical activity… this year is stepping it up. 🙂

    I am determined to look better this year. I was not happy how my first video came out on WordPress.TV from a WordCamp I spoke at. I am fine being in front of people and love to be in front of people, but this is a self struggle I have to improve and be more positive.

    Do you have any suggestions on some detox items I can get and try for my system? I keep hearing good things about it and very interested.

    • Hi Nile,
      There re many ways to detox your body and there is no 1 quick fix way.
      The basic stuff is always eat healthy ( the best healthy way with no stress for you), drink lots of water, sleep early and as many hours as you need, and very important to detox from negative beliefs that are related with ” I’m not enough”, words like “struggle” , sacrifice, need to be replaced by energetic words, healing words!
      I can help you with teaching you how to find the basci fears and thoughts that are at the root of an unbalanced system, if you want to learn more please feel free to send me an e mail;)
      To your success, health and joy!
      Warm wishes…..

  5. Patricia,

    We all have a choice here to make. That is to participate in the stress and drama imposed by society or not. It is a matter of taking responsibility for ones own well being, immune system and mental state.

    Be a leader rather than a follower.


  6. Our health is dictated by us. We can choose to take care of it with the proper nutrition and proper exercise, but we also need to clear our minds of negative thoughts and emotions because as you have said this is the real poison that enters our bodies. Healthy living can be seen as how we look at life and how we respond to it. Having a positive outlook will make us not only feel but be happy, content and “healthy.”

  7. Hi Patricia,

    This is an excellent article about the power of our subconscious and the power of our thoughts and how they relate to physical disease in our bodies. I am a true believer that we have the ability to manifest disease by our thought processes, so it make sense if we can eliminate the negative thoughts which cause the stress, we can free our bodies of physical manifestations.

    I had a friend who had a hysterectomy and afterwards she admitted to me that she thought she brought it upon herself because of her fears. She had a lot of thoughts about how difficult it was for her to have children because of her family history. She carried those thoughts throughout her thirties and had come to the conclusion that she would never have children, therefore she manifested cancer. I don’t know if it is true or not, but the end result of her stress resulted in surgery.

    Balance is the key and it is something I work on all the time. I exercise, eat as healthy as possible, get to bed early and get up early. I’m rarely sick, and I feel great most of the time. I think I fit into your first category of the two types of people you described. Yeah!

    If we don’t have our health, then we cannot do anything for ourselves or others. Thanks for sharing how we can reduce or eliminate disease in our lives by letting go of negative thoughts. I’m looking forward to learning about the divine blueprint for perfect health.


    Raena Lynn

    • Thank you Raena,
      The example of your fiend is typical of persons that need to dissolve the emotional blocks and fears carried for years before manifesting disease in their body.
      Energy psychology and great tools help not only let go and transform negative emotions into peace and prosperity but help also during and after surgery, the cleint to ” digest emotionally ” the whole process.

      Thank you for your insight and example!

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