How to Get Rid of Your Worst Fears in Less Than 20 Seconds Using 1 Simple Tool of NLP


wheel-thumb7710504What we say to ourselves, our inner dialog and the things we picture in our mind every time we think are the representations that will determine how we feel, what we believe and therefore, what we attract. In other words, what we “do” internally determines the level of prosperity we live in here and now.

For example, you always curse yourself with the words, “I am ugly” or I am not rich enough or I am not successful as I would like to be” Of course, if that is what you believe in, it will affect your daily life.

These false affirmations trigger an automatic unconscious mechanism that make you feel lousy.

By choosing to be in this state,you will always feel inferior, unwanted and unloved.

You will also have trouble in dealing with different people every day because your feeling that you are an ugly create will result to fears that they might scorn, mock or laugh at you.

You might even be a loner just thinking that you always don’t belong due to your physical appearance.  If you are stuck in a situation like this, then you are in danger of being eaten by your fears.

To challenge you, here is a great quote from one of the inaugural addresses of Franklin D Roosevelt:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself–nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

If you are reading this, you are so lucky because you can have the chance to know how to get rid of your worst fears in just less than 20 seconds using 1 simple tool of NLP,  in less than 20 seconds if done repeatedly.

Let me ask you a question as a first step:

  1. What do you struggle with most?
  2. How do you know you are struggling?
  3. What is happening inside your body when you KNOW you are struggling?
  4. When you think about your business for example and the economy, what do you see, what do you hear, what do you tell to yourself?

Step 2:

  • Give and answer internally to this question NOW. Write it down if it helps or say it out loud.
  • Now that you have answered yourself, what is the specific image( s) you have when you think about yourself struggling? Is this a “still” image or a “film”? Was it big or small? Was it black and white or made of bright colors? Take notes.
  • Now pay attention to what your inner voice said while answering the question: What are you most struggling with right now? Pay attention to your words, the ones you repeatedly tell yourself.
  • Say the words now and take note of them, as you did with the picture or the film you saw a minute ago.

The story you are telling yourself and everyone else is the same story that is keeping you stuck.
The images that are linked to your struggle are always the same images that are triggered when you BELIEVE you are stuck.

So, what is the point of me asking you these questions?

The reason why I do this is because we live the story we tell ourselves (which is an illusion), and the film we think projects the reality (which is also an illusion).

To get unstuck in 15 seconds, just do the following steps:

  1. Observe when you are stuck and stop.
  2. Without judging yourself for your thoughts “freeze” the images/film linked to your “stuck” situation.
  3. Listen to your inner voice (it might be shouting or it might be whispering). Just listen to it and notice what it exactly says.
  4. Change the film to what you really want it to be (you are the film director, so better change to something fun and creative).
  5. Change your inner voice by changing the quality of the voice (gentle, sexy,caring) and the content of the words.

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By telling yourself a different story, which is a better and more motivating one, and by changing the internal representations of your inner films, you change the way you feel and your focus, hence attracting a prosperous reality.

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  1. Patricia,

    Great words and great tips my friend – this comes to mind – what we resist – persists……

    Deepak states that experience plus knowledge is belief.

    In love and light,

  2. Hi Patricia,
    this is very interesting and quite true. It is sometimes hard to get unstuck from a negative thought pattern. I guess for me, it is an unconscious thing that happens when I am tired or in a bad mood. Thanks for this very powerful technique Patricia.

  3. Patricia, this is a powerful method of breaking through barriers. I enjoy cognitive behavior therapy, and it seems this overlaps quite a bit with that theory. Evoking imagery and emotion is so effective! Thank you for sharing this tip.

  4. Patricia, Very powerful exercise! The first step is recognizing the defeating thought patterns. Then as you said change the film or tape. If I continually think for example “I don’t have enough time”….then I feel stressed. But If I change it to “I will use the time I have wisely, making steps to achieve my goals” will bring about more positivity in my day.
    Loved your post! So true!

    • Thanks Lynn for your kind comment!
      For a better change in the example you can say as an example depending on what your goal is:

      I always find time to do what needs to be done for my business to thrive and for me to earn XXXX, and to live a balanced prosperous life.

      Obviously this is an example!

      The more specific the easier the results.

  5. Very interesting post, and so true.

    One thing I have been able to do since hitting a higher level in our business is to say, “We are GOLDS, we DO what GOLDS do!”

    And, strangely, I do!

    Not sure if it is NLP type stuff, but it is strange that I will do things I wouldn’t before, and it is all from that one little phrase.

    Our minds are truly powerful, it is how we use it that counts!

    Posted By Jon Barry @

    • Hi Jon,
      Thanks for connecting with me here!
      NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming in other words we learn how to use our brain to produce prosperity , joy and measurable happy events in our lives.
      What ever works for you and has meaning keep doing it, that is all what counts!

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