The Power of Gratitude has a Direct Effect on The Quality of Your Relationships



Gratitude is the antidote for fear, it is the first step to creating amazing relationships, starting from yourself.

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In order to manifest and attract joyful, fulfilling and ecstatic moments in your personal, social and professional relationships you need first of all to be open to creating more joy and quality in all your relationships.

Everything about your relationships is about your perception, your beliefs and your experience around these relationships including your relationship with yourself and the relationship with your Divine Self or with what God means to you.

Experiencing ecstatic moments in your relationships is about the relationship you have with yourself and how open you are to receive more of these moments, before creating them and sharing them.

Feeling the joy, the happiness for no reason at all is what I am talking about.

The key is to create for yourself and others more of these moments without having any attachment to a specific reason or event.

As Rumi puts it: “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

In the audio above I share some tips on how to create ecstatic moments in your life.

And for those that want to tap into their unconscious resources to create more of these ecstatic moments with yourself first, I offer a CAB  Relationship session to the 6 people that will answer under this post or via mail asking for it.

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