Can You Manifest Abundance When The World Around You Is Falling Apart?


Here is a question: What makes the economical crisis similar to a spoiled child?

Try and picture a spoiled child. He or she, probably is very used to having loads of games and gadgets, toys and foods… so many that he or she is ‘numb’ and unable to count the number of things they have or own (maybe he or she hasn’t even learned to count as many numbers in the first place).

The spoiled child was never brought up to remember the real values that make a person whole. He or she is taught that they are who they are, because of what they have, including an expensive education.

And this is when the drama, or crisis, starts.

When the surrounding environment starts to show lack or trouble, it is then when the spoiled child begins to wonder, ‘How can I thrive, be happy and calm, and have or create even more things so I can play and be happy, with less toys?’

are_you_reacting_like_a_spoilt_child_How about the spoiled child who has been so comfortably fed with loads of sweets, cakes, chocolates and big, tasty meals until he or she is sent to boarding school?

He or she is forced to go on a ‘diet’ because those foods that he or she is used to are no longer readily available for them – does this sound like a crisis for the child, to you?

These are perfect analogies for the economic crisis. The average citizen is hypnotised by the illusion that what they have would be forever, and live by taking all sorts of luxuries for granted. Just like gluttons, they are overfed with material stuff that we have come to a point where we ‘forgot’ to appreciate simple things.

If you try asking a person who has lost a lot of weight in a proper, healthy way, he or she will tell you that it is not the mindset of ‘being-on-diet’ that made them lose the weight – it is a permanent change of lifestyle and habits. They learn to be in tune with their 5 senses, appreciating everything that they are given to eat with a balance in nutritional values and exercise (and this doesn’t mean signing up to a health club or gym – it is even as simple as just running around a park).

And now you probably ask, how can you translate this to the economic crisis – the increasing number of companies that are shutting down or declaring bankruptcy, layoffs, depressions and rates of suicide around you? How about when you hear about the major European countries undergoing severe economic transformations

Well, guess what? This is exactly what you are attracting for yourself, because you said and asked for it!

The truth of things around us is defined by what we see internally – what we feel and what we say to ourselves. If you keep leaving space to your fears, your conditioning, what you see outside of you, or focusing on what you do not have or the disaster that you think is coming your way, is it any wonder that it comes to you?

It is time to wake up and transform the deep hypnosis of numbness and fear regarding the economic crisis into opportunity, where we see what is really important for each and every one of us and recreate ‘life’ at its pure essence based on real values instead of clinging on to extravagant, superficial, material stuff.

Now, take a look at this scale. Where will you put the arrow if I asked you where you stand?

Balance (?)
Immobility Panic
Sleep Depression
Numbness Fear

I will tell you now that you can manifest the abundance only if you attract what we want with a prosperity mindset.

But one aspect of the prosperity mindset is that we have inner peace – the knowing that no matter how things are going or what is happening to us, it is for our higher good.

Here’s another example.

How do you explain when the biggest amounts of money and riches are created in the moments of wars?

In this time of ‘crisis’, some people have perceived it as an opportunity to thrive, to open new doors in business or make an order in your life of what is really important such as family, community, and remembering to enjoy moments being who you really are.

In other words – Step Up.

Change your scarcity mindset to a prosperity mindset, remembering that scarcity is a mere illusion, born from your fears. (Learn more about the prosperity mindset by downloading my eBook here).

So, start by looking into the advantages of a crisis.


  • You are a divine being. We are all connected to the same Source. At this moment you are experiencing a transition, because it wants to remind you of whom you are, and to re-think of what you really, really want so that you can create it from the Source for yourself.
  • The contrasts of crisis and prosperity are to show you that you can create whatever you want.
  • The number one thing to remember is to see and focus on what you already have.

And now, in the perspective of gratitude of the moment, how rich do you feel you are, inside and out?

What is the number one value (the most important thing for you) that you think will support you in the transition from crisis to prosperity? What would you choose to let go in this process?



  1. Carissima,

    Beautifully written and easy to understand – I learned this word yesterday watching a Deepak Chopra video on Well Being and Healing -the word is: equanimity – a beautiful word that means to be balanced physically and mentally. To be calm.

    The key is to stay in peace for when we get out of peace with ourselves this is when the trouble begins. So I chose to be balanced and this will sustain me in these times. I don’t think I’ll let go of anything for I remain in the spirit of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity….

    In love and light to you,

    • Hello dear friend What a joy to see you comments here, I so appreciate your contribution and as I said I’m a fan of your blog too;)
      Thanks for this new word “equanimity” I like the word equo which in Italian means equal, the same or balance.
      Another tool I use to be in peace is when a situation looks ” shaky” and could bring me out of balance, I say to myself Now I am free to choose peace.
      The spirit of love and kindness is the highest attitude near wisdom.
      Grazie cara, a prestissimo!

  2. Inspiring Patricia … I confess I am uncomfortable with the whole range of new age vocabulary like ‘manifest abundance,” but that said, I guess I have always practiced the principles in my own way – I work at keeping a positive attitude and focus on possibility thinking – when I hit a wall, my self talk is usually something like “ok, that wasn’t fun, but HOW can I turn this into an opportunity?”

    • Hi Marquita,
      Thanks for your comment;)This question is a great question how can I turn this problem in an opportunity or what does this experience is teaching me , what do I need to see to feel more free and happy are other examples.
      Speaking about the linguistics, I use words like manifesting abundance because this is something much easier done that said, when one knows how to let go of old programs and knows how the universal process works.
      It is a recipe that works for many and words are subjective, if it works this is what counts, would you agree on this?
      Warm wishes!

  3. Thanks you dear Gavin for your insight!
    Thoughts are the fuel to manifestation of prosperity.
    Being news savvy is something I learned 10 years ago, again we are free to choose what we want our brain and body to take in. We are free to choose to eat ” junk food” and free to choose not to.
    Thanks again and hope to see you soon on my site and/or on TSA.

  4. Hello Patricia,

    You are absolutely correct. How we see it, whatever it is, is exactly how it will be for us. Each of us does create the world we live in and whatever we manifest into our lives is a result of our thoughts.

    This is a beautifully written article, thank you for writing it. No point in looking for scarcity when prosperity and abundance are the truths of the world we live in.

  5. Hi Patricia,

    This is an excellent and inspiring post. Keeping your mindset in a state of positive thought is not easy sometimes when dealing in life. There is a very difficult spot in the transition of being ignorant and not realizing how your thoughts bring on your reality and getting to the point that you understand that you design your environment internally through growth and learning.

    My question is how do you not get angry with yourself when “you know better.” For example you are in a negative situation, you know that your thoughts matter, and you fall short of staying in the positive mindset. We all have difficulty at times just the fact we are human, but I’ll get trapped into that questioning why I let something get to me. If you have any thoughts on that, I would appreciate it 🙂

    I believe we must get through that phase to enjoy and appreciate that we believe we truly deserve abundance.

    Great post Patricia!

    Raena Lynn

    • Hi Raena
      Thank youi for passing by;)
      To answer your question I think that we need to let go of being right and wanting to change our environment or others.
      This is an illusion.
      Accepting what is with no jugdement is sometimes a stretch yes, at the same time it’s a “habit” to take. The more you do it, bserving your emotions from the outside the better you become in being dissociated.
      Just observe your frustration when you know ” you know better”, see it is an emotion an dlet it go as i it were a cloud in the sky.
      Do what you need to do and declare your positive intention for you and the others, in PEACE.
      Peace is a resource we can always choose. Say to yourself I now can choose PEACE.
      I hope I understood your question, if I have missed something drop me a mail or else we can even chat when you want;)
      Have a great day Raena!

  6. Hi Patricia,
    This is an area I specialize in writing about. I know a lot about the political corruption and have been sounding the whistle on Eternal Affairs Media for quite some time now. You’re RIGHT! The average citizen is hypnotized, but its not in thinking they should get whatever they want but rather the opposite. We are granted freedoms, God Given and Civil Liberties outlined in The Constitution of the US … these are slowly (through PR Stunts) being taken away from us. I understand completely your concept of thinking on the bright side. Trust me, I thrive on optimism, however we must face the facts, and you can find a lot of those facts at the alternative news outlet I run: Eternal Affairs Media (sister site to When Magazine). GOD BLESS! CBiz

    • Hi Curt;)
      Living between Italy and Greece I know what corruption means!
      Nevertheless the people that play this game called corruption are looking for shortcuts that are not ecological for our systems
      the result is the one we see in the political scenario in Europe and the world.
      Changing our perception about prosperity knowing what we know and taking the right steps to get it without harming others rather helping them is a win win win that gets us where we all want in the long run.

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