Love: How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Savor Life


“The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears”.

Dan Stevens

Life begins when your comfort zone ends:

What is a plateau? A plateau is a pattern that repeats itself in one field of your life again and again and as a result you feel trapped.

You are using too much energy to improve the quality of your performance and yet you feel stuck in a dead end.

Knowing that life begins when  your comfort zone ends, can you envision yourself in that “ new zone of freedom”?

Often we find ourselves in a plateau when we resist change, we resist growth, we resist risking the new and letting go of the old familiar stuff.

The old familiar stuff… that has not come easily to us.

As a result life is not flowing the way you would like to: resistance, leakage of energy makes you feel drained, angry, frustrated, with ups and downs iny our moods like if you were suffering from a constant chronic fever.

What is  it like when you hit a plateau in your relationships?

In this post I will explore what happens when you are stuck in an emotional plateau, when love is the “culprit” or the lack of love to be more precise.

It’s always about love, about learning to love yourself again

Recently, I had the chance to meet 5 amazing successful women, 3 of them working in the field of health, that felt that the earth was shaking under their feet.

They just wished there was a natural medicine that would help them be centered again;)

We all know that hitting a plateau in our relationships is the result of emotional issues not totally resolved yet.

So what to do when caught in a relationship that has many ups and downs and yet you feel empty inside?

The words “I love you” do not seem to be aligned to what you feel in the inside.

Another case of a plateau in a relationships is when love driven obsessions is the main reason behind suffering.

Having a relationship that is not stimulating anymore is another way of saying we have hit a plateau in our love relationship.

When your desire for someone who is far from being your ideal partner, creates mind altering dose of mixed feelings from guilt to passion then there is something to look into and heal.

How does the healer heal himself or herself when caught up  in the web of an intoxicated relationship(s)?

How can a smart successful spiritual light worker get out of his/her own way?

It seems that the payoff for suffering or for being in a “comfort zone” is to feel more “alive” in when caught in our own trap.

Another payoff is the illusion of feeling secure.

Needless to say that the price of staying in these illusions is too high especially when the emotions have physical consequences like chronic fatigue,stress, insomnia, eating disorders etc..

Being out of your center and depleted, rejected and not loved are emotions I often find when working with women that have it all on the outside yet something is still not perfect yet.

comfort-zoneThe spiral of feeling not loved, starving for love, low self worth and self esteem, not being attractive to others is a spiral common to those that suffer from co-dependence.

Here are some easy tips on how to break out of your comfort zone:

  • Understanding what causes a plateau in the first place is the 1st step to healing yourself and re-balance your energy.
  • Accepting what is with no judgment, guilt or resentment for yourself or others. Accepting that where you are now serves you is the step number one towards your inner freedom, and inner prosperity.
  • Ask yourself: What is great, what is perfect about my situation right now?this great question makes you focus on prosperity rather than on lack.
  • It makes you feel peaceful, calm, see the truth. The answer to this question is the 1st step to healing a stuck state.
  • Our growth in some areas of our lives are not linear, hitting the bottom can be a great way to wake us up, dig inside of us and heal what needs to be healed with love patience and self acceptance.What if you need to hit this low point in your life before pursuing a big leap? What if this experience is the motor of your inner freedom and success as a person a human being and a spiritual traveler?
  • Resurrecting from your own ashes after a healing work gives you the space to grow more and more not only in your relationships but in all the other fields that need a boost for you to take off, for you to fly.
  • Running away from “what is” now is NOT the solution. The solution is always inside of you.
  • Sitting on your plateau and savoring it’s presents is to me,the best place to start the healing work.
  • The same principles of “being stuck” applies to each field of our lives.

Tuning in with our shadows, our fears in each single situation before letting go is what energy healing is about.

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  1. Hi Patricia—stepping out of our comfort zone is hard! For me, pushing into social media represented such a step! It has not worked as a profitable enterprise to date, which I had hoped it would! Nevertheless, I have honed communication skills, met some “ideas” and had some opportunities I would have not otherwise had. That to underscore your point—it does spur us into greater creativity! Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Gene,
      thanks for your comment!
      Excellent example about reaching a plateau in social networking!
      Several resources need to be taken care of and each time these are different according to the problem according to the person’s beliefs according to the fears we have in the specific issue.
      The great news is that you made it!

  2. Hello Patricia……..It’s not an easy thing to do, leaving your comfort zone…..In my work , I ask my students to leave their comfort zone everyday (learning to drive a Semi)…..Their ability to leave their comfort zone largely depends on how we as students and instructor connect, giving them the confidence in themselves and trust in me, so they can function in a new place inside themselves creating a new comfort zone…….then expanding on that new place everyday ….Its an awesome energy to experience …..sometimes not so comfortable to me too…….We sometimes have to deal with those Plateaus, the trick is to stay positive and encouraging and never let the students feel fear from me!…… thanks for your informative post Patricia….Smokey

    • Hi Gregory,
      Thanks for your comment,I totally agree with you, trust is part of helping others break through their plateaus.
      the way I do it is by using my intuition to touch other people’s hearts and use proven techniques for helping them work with their energy and beliefs so that they can thrive and savor life with greater ease and grace.
      It takes love and passion.The energy that transforms and heals.
      Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Hi Patricia, I love the message with in this post, it is oh so true.. Eleanor Roosevelt says it all Do one thing everyday that scares you! This is a great reminder for all of us Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

    • Hi Chery,
      While it can be discouraging to do one thing a day that scares us ( it can be too much of a big leap sometimes) the message here is to learn to change the meaning of what used to scare us so that we can approach change in an easier joyful way.
      By reprogramming our system we first need to honor the message fear has for us and then explore what other meanings this same issue has for us.
      We can then feel empowered and take small steps towards our goals and dreams.

  4. Life begins when your comfort zone ends – that’s so true. When you appeared alone somewhere in the middle of Europe without knowing German or French and with 50 euro for a week you understand what the life is. I had such experience and would gladly go through it all again! That is life!!!

    • Hi Evan,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I would love to hear more about your story would you be interested to chat and maybe interviewed by me?
      Your story could help out so many people that are still stuck in their comfort zones and complain about it….

  5. H, Patricia. You sure know how to write 🙂 Great article! I have to say I used to “hide”, being too scared to get out of my comfort zone. However, once I did it, I was happy than I ever felt in my entire life. Of course, there are times when I get hurt, but this rarely happens and it’s part of being alive, right?

    • Thank you Laura,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Getting out of our comfort zone is a question of mindset and yes we can jump to explore the infinite opportunities in front of us but like in sports or any other performance we need to be prepared from the inside out. After this we really become unstoppable. The universe is always there to reward us when our attitude it empowering towards ourselves and the world outside.

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