Attract Prosperity With Fun Rituals


To attract what you want you need to change your habits. Changing your habits means you need to change your behaviour.Changing your behaviour means you need to change your relationship to money, your mindset.

By changing your thoughts about money you change the reality you create.

There are many ways you can choose to change your mindset and therefore the results you create around prosperity.

Today we will explore the power of ceremony.

It is a stretch to clelebrate something that has not arrived yet I know!

In this post I will share with you a simple fun way to go beyond the limits of your mind a way to bypass your fears.

Many of our celebrations are dying out because in our society things go fast and we like consuming things fast.

For example once we are married reserving one night per week ( like Saturdays) to reinforce the celebration of the couple the clebration of love, is something we tend to forget doing after a while.

Family reunions to clebrate the love of the family members are often perceived as boring, no wonder we feel separated from our family members as the years go by.

The goal of celebrating has an energy to it, it is meant to reinforce the bond, the love , the meaning of what keeps us connected to something or someone we love.

A good example for this is Chritstmas family dinners and the presents we share during these moments.

What are the rituals you have to attract money?

Very few people have rituals and when they do, for example  doing a ceremony during the new moon they are not consistent with it.

Here are some rituals you can do to reinforce the energy of celebration before you attract money so that you can attract it:

  1. Believe that the ceremony is an energy act that will allow you to bring in your life what you want.The belief factor is key.
  2. Choose one ritual and be consistent with it, ideally do the ritual with friends.(sharing a ritual makes it more powerful), choose one day of the month to do that.
  3. Clear the space of your house before doing a ritual with sage or  clear the space with Feng-Shui
  4. Make a list of your limiting beliefs fears of aha moments you have during the month and keep them handy for that day.
  5. The day of the ritual write your fears on small bits of paper and throw them in the fire while pronouncing out loud powerful affirmations in front of your friends or in front of the mirror: Example “I deserve to be rich”, “Money comes easily to me from known and unknown soucces” .”All my needs are met easily and I am now  financially free”. ” Everday I become more lucky”… Be creative with your affirmations!
  6. You do not need to know how this works – what needs to happen though while you pronounce your powerful prosperity affirmations is that your body feels certainty when you say what you say.
  7. Find new creative ways to celebrate! The more you get out of your comfort zone the better it is.For example if you want to get of of the paradigm of lack send a thank you note to the people you send money to. The very act of saying thank you while giving money restores balance in your system (the more I give the more richer I am).
  8. Here above you see the picture of my altar. This is the altar I bring in my prosperity workshops. Inside I have symbols of the the 4 elements, flowers, perfumes, golden coins and fresh flowers.
  9. If you  would like to learn how to design altars contact me!

if you want to practice around wealth health and love with new habits, if you want to have a breakthrough and attract more than you ever could imagine, drop me a line, together we will explore in what creative way you can design a ritual that works for you!



How To Use The Ripple Effect of Gratitude


How would it feel to imagine, just imagine that what you most want is already yours?

By tapping into the feeling of how it feels to have what you want, you automatically align your vibration to the same frequency of what you want.

Imagine living in a space where a library of infinite possibilities is at the tip of your fingers.

Each time you visualize what you want by feeling the excitement of having it in your life you are easily tapping into the “right” vibration and the Universe is ready to hand you what you want.

The key here is to do this playfully.

Unattached expectation let alone obsession of having what you want brings about easily and effortlessly what you desire.

This is why it would be wise to desire with no attachment.

Let go of the idea of putting a specific date on your goal.

Instead, you can do a command by saying “ I already have xxx or I already am xxx.

The Universe knows when and how things are supposed to show up for the best of all concerned.

Practicing gratitude by paying it forward is a way of training your body and your emotions to feel already in the vibration of “plenty”.

The feeling of plenty brings about more plenty and the vibration of even more plenty brings about even more plenty.

The spiral of abundance is built up automatically just by you choosing to focus your attention on the feeling of “plenty”.

When you use gratitude by savoring the moment of what is about to happen before manifesting what you want you are saying to the Universe:

Universe I am ready: bring it on.

You can choose to make an act of kindness by paying it forward.

What would you like to manifest now?

Send me a mail and share with me how you could use the ripple effect of gratitude to bring about more for you.


The More You Try The More You Fail


Are you still “trying” to be perfect and often obsessed with having everything in order?

Is your inner critic your best friend and to make him happy, are you still listening to him 24/7?

Is the inner critic the CEO of your relationships, your business and your life?

The irony of all is that you more you “force” yourself to do things the slower the things go for you.

If you want prosperity, abundance and ease.. you have a choice. You can consciously choose to just slow down.
All the internal rules we make are all made up… and even if we know that the strict rules do not work we still continue making up rules or listening to the same voice repeating the same old song of how things “should be”.

If you believe that life is a gift does this mean that when we struggle to have things under control we demonstrate our value and therefore we can savour the gift of life? Is there a condition of when life is a gift and when it isn’t?

The energy of “force” or push is counterproductive and so is the energy of control.
We feel more secure when we think we control things yet how come our body is under stress, our heart beats faster we feel tired and exhausted? Do we really feel more secure or do we control situations to avoid feeling lost or judged for it?

Do we really feel more secure with this pattern or do we control situations to avoid feeling lost confused or judged if we fail?

What is the antidote of “forcing- things -to- happen”?


How do we trust when we are stuck with not knowing how?

Trust is about not knowing how it is about trusting the higher intelligence that always has your back without you needing to know how it does it.

Another good medicine for forcing, controlling, trying too hard or managing is being in the space of non-attachment.
This space of freedom where you consciously choose to trust after you have given your best gives you the luxury of savouring freedom, joy and happiness and therefore attracting more of it.

So, next time you catch yourself ” trying hard” forcing things to happen the way you want, controlling you can repeat the following clearing statement inspired from the Z point process:

“I clear all the ways I block myself from stepping into my power”.

“I clear all the ways in me that stop me from trusting that the Universe has my back.”

“I clear all the ways that I am scared I am going to fail again”.

If you are struggling with wanting to control things or you have a tendency to “make” things happen without having the results you want if you want more ease and magic in your life, please feel free to contact me for a free conversation over the phone or Skype.


Can NLP Help you Let Go Of your Worst Fears?


How can Law of attraction together with a simple NLP tool help you Let Go of Fear and Anxiety?

Some of my clients often get so anxious and fearful that they do not know what to do when stuck in a personal or even a “routine” business problem or a feeling of stickiness in their business or their personal lives.

When this happens, it is important to know how to handle your anxieties and stresses, so that you can free yourself once and forever.

Do we live in an era where we love quick changes and there is a tool that both NLP and LOA can help you get  out  of your own way?

Here is a list of techniques and suggestions on what to do as a part of fear and anxiety management. These techniques are going to work wonders in managing anxiety when the environment is changing at your workplace, when your relationships are shaky, when the economy is uncertain or when simply you wonder what is in store for you in the field of Health, Wealth, and Love.

The first thing you must do is not to give up when things are not going well. Remember, hard times come not to frighten you or to make you anxious. They bring you the opportunity to try your ability to cope with situations.

Remember the proverb? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

What you see, say or feel, is a totally subjective film you “project” to yourself. Try to see it objectively. Things will not seem that critical.

The intention factor is very important as it sets the grounds for a new time line a timeline where you are ready to change the way you feel to attract a new reality.

Here are some key steps you can use now picturing the best case scenario when you think of the situation that keeps you in bondage.

Don’t ever give up in managing your anxieties and fears. Be kind to yourself and remember that behind every behavior or thought there is a positive intention, which your subconscious mind is asking you to be aware of.

Anxiety is a sophisticated word for ‘fear of something’. What do you fear? What is the worst case scenario? Dare to see the fear in the eye and ask yourself – what would happen to you in the worst case scenario.

Let us take a real example: when you think of the “isness of what is” or the “ muchness” as Eckhart Tolle puts it.

You may realize that you feel helpless, inadequate, scared or angry. Take note of what is without wanting to change it. The neediness to change what we feel creates resistance and this very resistance will stop you from changing your reality or jumping on a new timeline.

First step:

Take note of what is feel what your body feels when you are trapped and say to yourself:“Ok noted”. The very fact of accepting what is will immediately give you relief. Do not be afraid of exploring how your body feels in the stuckness state, the images you project into the future and the story you tell to yourself.

After you have taken notes of what you see, feel and say to yourself only then can you allow for a new reality to show up.

In my Workbook and video, I show you exactly how to do just that.

I also offer monthly zoom events where we explore all the

aspects of immediate and easy manifesting using several NLP and energy tools that work wonders.

 Second step:

Ask yourself a powerful question:

If all these feelings did not exist, who would I need to be to enjoy the new life I am wanting to create for myself and others?

This generative question is not meant to be answered.

It is a question that allows a new energy of you really are to show up.

The consciousness of the new timeline you are about to create will show up in unexpected ways.

You may get an AHA moment, listen to a song and stumble on an article that will SHOW you a new reality. Be open to receiving!

   Now is the moment to create!

Grab a piece of paper and make as if the new reality was here in the now, real and tangible.

What are you seeing in a new reality ?

For example, you may see yourself in a healthy body where you are allowing your body to be, do and feel in a way you had never imagined before.

Or you may see yourself with a calendar filled with  an appointment with the ideal clients.

Or you may see yourself in the ideal relationship enjoying the company of a partner that adores and respects you.

The key question here is:


    It is important to live the dream as you would like it, in all the details exaggerating on the positive feelings just like a child would do. Be bold, feel the fun and the lightness about it.

You can be inspired for this new timeline you are wanting to create:

ï Think, what Mickey Mouse would have done in your case. What would a politician you admire do in your case? What would a child do in your case?  What would God do in your case? Just play imagining absurd scenarios! You’ll feel relieved.

Fears, phobias, anxiety are only learned behaviors. They are triggers that our subconscious mind had learned whenever you were in such a condition. Most probably, you learned a negative trigger when you were young during a specific event.

-The good news is that the same way you have learned to be unhappy, depressed, in fear etc., you can learn to be happy, joyful, optimist, creative, sexy and something that you are not wishing to be but will be glad when you become so.

Each time we are in fear about a future event, it simply means we trigger a pattern – a “dysfunctional” strategy in our brains, which tells us how to respond to this fear. With techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is the study of human excellence and other energy tools), you can discover that mental pattern, the wrong association between what you perceive and what you feel about it.

LOA will, in turn, teach you how to focus on what you want to create.

Give your mind more choices, an enlarged response repertoire – one that includes calmness and a reasonable assessment of the situation.

If you feel you are in fear, stress or anxiety about a situation, offer yourself the opportunity to free yourself now.

If you are feeling stuck around health, wealth or love I invite you to join my list where I share various resources on how to let go of your worst fears and savor life and prosperity practical and easy tools with my S.P.I.R.A.L prosperity model!

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Drop The Drama : You Can Create More With Ease and Joy


New Year’s resolutions are a way to judge ourselves.And this is why New Year’s Resolution do not work. These are created from an energy of lack and scarcity rather than from an energy of love and acceptance.

Think about it: We are saying to ourselves and the world:

I do not like what I see in the mirror I need to change now!

We want to change our bodies image, change our relationship situation or the results we are creating in our businesses.

The truth is that change starts when we are ready to be thankful for what is in the here and now. From the position of no judgment of what is, we can now allow for change to come about with ease and joy.

For example, we crave an intimate relationship while we do not like our body, we constantly judge it put it on a strict diet, we do not listen to our needs, we think we know better than our body does.

So, how can we attract the right relationship with someone else or a better financial situation ie more ideal clients and opportunities when our inner voice keeps saying:

” You should change xyz BEFORE expecting something better to manifest”.

What if the change could manifest easily because we choose to be in total acceptance of our body, our lives as it is now?

Before attracting more intimacy in our relationship with the others, more money or a better relationship with the Divine, we could choose to create peace and unconditional acceptance now.

Like attracts like:

Who do we need to be to create space so that new good stuff shows up?

Before committing to change the first step would be to commit to being in allowance of “what is”.

From the energy of total acceptance, gratitude, and love with what you have and what you do not have yet.


The art of allowance is about saying yes thank you for who I am being right now just by observing this inner voice that tends to creep repeating all day long ” yes but..”

Even the “yes-buts” ( your inner objections) are here to show you there is an opportunity for you to accept yourself with this habit.

Three easy generative question that helps me and my clients expand my capacity to receive (The R of my S.P.I.R.A.L. signature model)  are:

-If I did not know what criticism felt like, who would I be now in the space of total easy allowance?

-What can I choose now from that space? What is my need right now and how can I allow myself to receive it?

-What is my need right now and how can I allow myself to receive it?

Would your best friend like to be judged by you all the time? Of course not. No one likes to be excluded so why are analyzing you doing this to yourself constantly by coanalyzing, measuring, separating, feeling guilty, sorry or even fearful of losing or not being enough?

Receiving is first of all about receiving yourself as you are in total acceptance.

Change becomes then natural like breathing or drinking a glass of water because from this very space of neutrality with no point of view and the consciousness that all is ONE we allow the infinite possibilities to show up in a fun and spontaneous way.

Are you willing to be willing to expand to this space of creation?

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