nancy_shields_testimonialOh my goodness – put on your seat belt for you are in for the ride of your life working with Patricia Gozlan. I spent about 15 minutes last Monday in a conversation about “Control” issues and in those 15 minutes via a tapping technique that is unique to her style of work – I was able to unblock and clear up generational control issues within myself. I first was able to be in accord with a family member that I chose to stop talking to due to control issues and then after 2 days of doing the work, I was able to speak my truth to my business partner on how our values did not match any longer and I was moving on. I was in total truth and the issue with my partner was based on him “controlling” me! So you see, how powerful this work is! Immediately after doing the work with Patricia the benefits of the work came quickly. I was ready and open to receive her message. The best thing on how she works is her gentle, personal and insightful method of being able to go to the “root” of the problem and she allowed me to talk my way through it with her guidance of words. It’s incredible and the benefit came within a few days that I was able to clear things not only with a family member but also with a partner in business. Because of my doing the work, my partner came back to me and realized he had to change some things in order to have a more healthy relationship with me. My issues of control were not that I was controlling but I was choosing partners/relationships with men that I could control. Because I was so controlled as a child, I then men that were lesser so I could control. Of course, each relationship has not worked over the years. It’s either that scenario or I would pick men that controlled me.

I feel like a new woman in that I feel free, I feel awake, I feel unblocked and most importantly I feel JOY!

Thank you for being you Patricia and using your intuition in working with me!

Nancy Shields

Alexandra Zerou
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

This is the story of me and Patricia!

At that point of my life it was not quite clear if I was playing to win or not to lose. I was wasting to much time with the how, why or when rather just the “do”.

So Patricia showed me the way to bring to life the “super powered” woman I had in me and confront my fear of been “eaten” by the men’s world. In a few words how to take 100% responsibility of my life. I understood that the place for change was/is within me not the environment or any other person. Complete responsibility means accepting it all, even the people who enter your life and their problems are your problems. They are in your life, and if you take full responsibility for your life, then you have to take full responsibility for what they are experiencing too.

I learned how to get out of useless noises and leave my impulses to guide me. By focus in the feeling everything is done effortlessly. Just keep feeding my hearth with the fuel of love. Through observation without judgments, enjoy life and really own my power.

By being in a state of security, stability and peace nothing can touch me anymore.

Now I truly believe that I can manifest and attract everything that is for highest good into my life.

Patricia should say “Reach for the moon and you will get stars”, my answer is “Zero(u) is the limit”. The universe begins and ends with a zero! Only when your mind is at zero can creation take place, and its called “inspire”. When you are zero, everything is available. Everything! You create your own reality!

You must go into dark in order to bring forth your light… and you will will get whatever you get!

Thank you my beloved Patricia your are the reason I feel free, love and abundance at the same time!

Alexandra Zerou

Diana Dentinger, Author
I was always pretty good at “asking and receiving” but after an unexpected divorce my energy was low and it seemed like I couldn’t make things happen. I had known Patricia virtually for a few years, followed her work and had always wanted to contact her. We actually only live a few hours away. Finally I got the courage to spend a day with her and wow was I amazed. After a few hours I felt different and knew she had opened me to new levels. I am embarrassed to share the enormous requests we put out there to the “universe”. They were big! After 2 months they had all manifested. New life, new home and new direction for my coaching business. She is tops!

Diana Dentinger
Life & Leadership Coach
Author of “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way”

After the 1st coaching session I immediately felt an energy and strength that I had buried under layers of negative thoughts since years.I understood that It was not useful to be a harsh judge with myself anymore because this part that often criticised me was the one that stopped me from living in the flow an easy and joyful life.opening my heart by connecting to the Divine was for me an easy and fun process that easily lead me to a stable and centred state. This experience made feel restored and renewed on the spot, my scars are finally healed and I feel free.i strongly recommend the healing process, success is guaranteed. Thanks Patricia!

Annalisa Belluco, Milan

I have learned to respect myself- something that before starting working with Patricia, seemed impossible to achieve!

After the VIP program I realised how easy it is to start loving myself again and reach my goals one after the other, it is easy and something anyone can do when he or she is really committed to grow and live in peace…

I used to put others before me as I never valued myself, I can contribute by giving more value – an inner sense of wellness that others benefit from.

I was able to enter in a plane (after 15 years of panic and frustration) and apart from this important challenge, in less than 4 weeks, I  have reached my professional goals that were related to my communication with others.

I learned to take care of myself both physically and emotionally using the energy tools Patricia taught me.

The people I work with told me I look more healthy, they said they never saw me as fit as I am now! They also see me smiling where as before I was sad and in doubt about everything around me.

The technique of “my ideal self” allows me to be aware of my value and to achieve with others what I want without entering in conflict…

One of the biggest wins in the sessions I had with Patricia after the VIP program, was savoring each moment during the session.

As a matter of fact I encourage all my friends and the people I care about to get a “taste” of growing into the persons we are in our essence…”

Teresa Tsandilis- Business Owner, Athens-Greece

Thanks to Patricia, I realized that all I need for my wellness is already within me and no one better than myself can take me by the hand and lead me to the right direction.

Now, I feel firmly balanced on my legs, I don’t need anyone’s crutch, I am autonomous and independent because I realized that I have myself and the Universe to guide me toward my own sake.

Before, I was feeling admired, loved, appreciated, accepted only if others were recognizing my talents; now I feel free, happy, serene, centered with the Universe, a winner, powerful, beloved, vibrant, desired and constantly playful.

This is a continuous personal growth process and it’s great to know that I ALWAYS have at my disposal all the resources I need, it doesn’t matter if I’m alone or with others.

It’s wonderful to realize that every day I can get something good from my life because I DESERVE IT. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Grazia Mitti – Milan – Italy

I met Patricia in a class with about 30 other coaches. Very quickly she distinguished herself by her intelligence, her huge heart and her unshakable commitment to excel. From that point on, we met once a week to exchange ideas on our coaching business. One day, unknowingly, she coached me as I felt stuck with my energy levels: I was checking out every day, early in the evening, and I did not have the energy to do anything more for my business. With her magic – it really is! Great questions, greater intuition and amazing use of basic tools – she “unstuck” me!
I have been going on for over 6 months now with great energy and enthusiasm and I know I owe it to her. Since then, I have experienced on many occasions the brilliance of her coaching. The beauty is that she makes it seems so simple, yet the results are so amazing!

Beyond knowledge and competence, which Patricia has plenty of, she has the gift of bringing out the best in people and produced profound changes for me in a very short time! Sincerely, she is a truly gifted human being and having her as a coach is a blessing!

Myriam Najjar, CTA Certified Success Coach,Montreal

amalia_testimonialPatricia’s coaching enabled me to be aware of the dependency patterns and unconscious manipulations I used to get what I wanted. I was actually always feeling uncomfortable and I was convinced that I was not up to the everyday expectations.

I was repeating this pattern to be considered and loved but the result was exactly the opposite because I was playing a role game without being myself and I felt lonely and powerless. After just two hours of coaching, I immediately felt free, independent and I can now see the true value of myself on a deeper level.

I easily manifest what I want, with no fear of being rejected, and I get everything I desire starting from a deep and genuine self-esteem. Finally, I’ve got freedom, I express myself without any fear and I spontaneously obtain what I want!

Amalia Esposito, Wellness Operator – Bari – Italy

Vasso Seirinaki
Every time I talk to Patricia, something vibrates in me…Patricia is a great facilitator! It’s like she holds a magic wand in her hand…Patricia is a life-musical creator, she turns your life into a musical and, on top of that, it’s YOU who wins the OSCAR prize! She helps you open up your limitless possibilities, your abundance and prosperity, your Divine Self, your trust to God, or the Universe (whatever you name it..), your gratitude to whatever there has always been out there for you…It’s like you’re in a playground and Mary Poppins comes over to play with you, as simple as this! She pushes you gently first forwards and then upwards! You become so light that you can lift yourself, afterwards! “Spit-spot! And off we go!” Aaand…if you cannot succeed the first time?? Who cares? “Chi se ne frega”?!?! You succeed even if you don’t succeed!! Life has become so “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!!! You’re in the “plenty”! Patricia’s way, also, reminds me of Stevie Wonder’s song “Have a talk with God”. Have a chat, a small talk…and: You are in the Flow, in Abundance and Prosperity, in the Blessing, in the Divinity…even before you know it..! You don’t know what that is? It scares you, as much as it scared me? Remember this: Be realistic and expect miracles! It does work!!

Vasso Seirinaki, A VIP program client-Teacher, Athens Greece

Working with Patricia was a new experience for me. I did not know very much about personal coaching. My only similar experience was working with a therapist after my divorce.

During a lunch meeting, I asked Patricia to step outside of the restaurant with me while I smoked a cigarette. As I was smoking, she started speaking to me in a playful way, taking me by surprise. She induced me to imagine a new life, inspiring me to see my life in a colorful, rich way. I began to imagine a new life and felt a vast range of feelings. I sensed a feeling of “red cotton” and other strong feelings, smells, and colors while playing along with this game of imagining a “new life”.

Before meeting Patricia, I was certain that nothing would ever get me to give up smoking. I never thought I would be able to quit; not even my daughter’s miraculous recovery from cancer was a strong enough reason for me to stop smoking!
I am not exactly sure what happened. I can only say that when I left Italy and returned to Stockholm, my need to smoke vanished 4 days later. I stopped smoking, just like that! I do not know if I was ready to stop smoking after a 35-year habit, I just know that one whole year has passed without smoking. There is nothing in this world that could get me to smoke again! The smell of a cigarette, the sensation of having a cigarette, and even the idea of smoking again “repels” me right away.

What has really changed? A big change has occurred that goes beyond ending the smoking habit: Patricia, through her coaching, helped me change the way I perceive life in general. She opened my eyes and my mind! Whatever I do now, I savor it with passion! Opening my mind means I take the time to savor a good wine, smell the beautiful perfumes, and enjoy life in a way I had never done before.
I learned to take the “risk” of experimenting with new ways of living life, a way of living life to the maximum rather than living life by “default.” The painful experiences I endured during the life and death of my loved ones is no longer. I savor life now to the maximum. It makes me say out loud “why not live life to its fullest and take all it has to offer since it is all there for us”?

The colorful journey of my life makes total sense to me now. My life is now filled with great passion and happiness. It is truly a life of which I always dreamed. It all happened with an awakening at that seemingly “casual” and yet rich session that Patricia offered me in front of the Italian restaurant.

Pia Johnsson – Business Owner Stockholm

Patricia helped me to solve the problem of my cough that lasted for more than 10 days. She analyzed deeply the origin of my cough and helped me to remove all the mental obstacles. I threw away all medicines and after a few days my cough disappeared. Her consultation was so powerful that the problem was solved after one session. What I most liked in this session is understanding that the origin of my health problems are inside of me and can be cured using Patricia’s methods that she also explains in the report!

Edyta Zabielska – www.blog-art.it

… Working with others, permitted me to go beyond my specific goal and without even knowing how this happened by working on only one aspect of my life…

It’s a great experience I would love to repeat!

Paola Minasi, Lawyer – Como, Italy

Fosca CreolaWorking on myself with Patricia is so easy. She guides you through the deceptions of the ego toward the sure tips of your soul.

You walk into spaces that you do not know you had, you know the person who did not think you were. And in all this she is always present. She spurs you, corrects you, congrats with you and gets you to the finish line.

Patricia is a person you are grate for.

Fosca Creola – www.senzaterraeventi.com/