If you are a self-employed professional standing in the way of your own success in life, I can help you. I have been in that exact same place and I changed my life.

My name is Patricia Gozlan and for years I ran my own international fashion business. I loved doing this, and life was OK but something vital was missing.

I had no excitement in my life.

I was constantly tired and exhausted, I was working too hard for the results I was getting, I did not have the enthusiasm to enjoy life, let alone to take care of my body and my well-being.

My relationships were focused on work, I felt numb in my intimate life and the idea of having a fun sexy relationship was a remote dream I thought I could never reach.

I sank to a level where I had to do something before my business, my health and my relationships would just disappear!

Here is how I changed my life from dark and dreary to light, bright, fabulous and fun!

From an early age I have been fascinated by the changes that could be wrought through the power of the mind, by means of the simple yet powerful technique of creative visualization and a set of beliefs based on faith and trust. I wanted my life back, and I was willing to do almost anything to get it.

And I discovered that one of the things I was hearing from experts, coaches and healers was to learn to “let go and let God”. But for some reason I couldn’t do this and needed to have everything analyzed and controlled so that I could feel secure.

And being a control freak didn’t suit me anymore; I needed to breathe free.

I was still missing the secret to living an abundant life; I wanted to live in joy, surrender, and let all the heavy stuff go. Once I found the key to living a carefree life of joy, I knew I was never going to go back to living a life of struggle addicted to perfection.

And once I had changed my life from negative to positive, I realized that there were many other people who were in the middle of the same set of challenges in their lives.

So I created a simple model of abundance that will work in every area of your life.

And the result is my S.P.I.R.A.L. ™ system. SPIRAL means.


S = Set Goals
P = Program your mind
I  = Use your intuition
R = Receive abundance
A = Act
L = Let go

This is the method I teach and it is a therapy system that allows transformation in a profound, permanent, and most importantly rapid way.
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