3 Big Mistakes When It Comes to Balancing Your Relationships in Business… And How To Fix Them


One day, a mountaineer was on the way up a very high and dangerous mountain. This person was so proud, climbing it alone, believing that there was no need of help from anyone else.

By night, this person should have set up camp like other people would have done. But the person continued climbing, wanting to reach the summit quickly.

Suddenly, because of exhaustion, this person slipped. While free falling and thinking this is the end, this person suddenly felt a sharp, violent pull around the waist. Still alive, hanging in mid-air, the mountaineer was saved because of a rope that was attached to the belt!

In total darkness, while hanging on the rope, this person shouted, “God, if you are up there, SAVE ME!”

Suddenly, there was a voice that said, “If you believe that I can save you, do what I tell you to do… Cut the rope. Cut the rope, and let go.”

“Why?You must be crazy!” After a few moments, this person shouted again, and again. “Is there anyone else up there? Anyone?”

The next morning, other mountain climbers saw this person’s limp body, hanging by the rope, frozen to death.

What puzzled them more was that the dead body was only hanging 2 feet above safe ground. The more curious thing they saw about it was that he was only hanging 2 feet from the ground.
-Unknown Author


When we talk about relationships, whether personal or in business, or in the story above, what is the key word that we are actually referring to?


Just like the mountaineer, how do you know who, and how much to trust – the rope, or the ‘person’ you asked for help from? Would you trust your instinct completely, sticking only to what you know, or learn to trust your externals a bit more, or too much, to change and adapt to safety?

Without trust, a relationship cannot exist.

Without relationships, a business cannot exist.

Let’s say, I could be the most creative, innovative, pro-active, intelligent, up-to-date businesswoman, but if you don’t trust me, or believe that I have your best interest at heart, then why would you want to have any long-term business with me?

Then, how does anyone know to trust ‘just-right’?

Let’s face it. We cannot change other people. But, we can look at ourselves first so that others feel the trust from you, and soon follow suit. We can start by looking at the 3 common mistakes anyone can make when it comes to trust, regardless on a personal or business level, and what you can do about it:

  1. Forgetting that we are human.
    We make mistakes. We forget, and we don’t have all the answers. But when these happen with you and your clients, do not be afraid to let them know – it is also better that they know and hear it from you before they notice it first!For example, you don’t really know how to solve the problem a client is asking you about. Tell them you are not sure, but you’re working on it and will report back as soon as you can. Simply said and done, it does not hurt (you, or others) to be honest!
  2. Making a promise or agreement that you are not certain that you can fulfill.
    Whether big or small a promise or agreement, you must determine you can, and cannot do, or what you need and don’t need before you make one. Sit down, with your partner, someone you trust, or a personal coach. Start listing and learning your own, and others’ strengths and weaknesses. Work from there – knowing what you have and don’t have, and learn to delegate responsibilities as well as create trust within your own business, because it is also just as important! (And make sure you credit whoever is responsible for the good work they have done, or be ready to forgive and motivate them to do better when they appear to be ‘only human’!)
  3. I Care.
    The word ‘care’ is an action verb. So don’t just say it, DO IT! Do things that show to your customers or clients that their best interests matter to you. For example, always be happy to over-explain when someone asks questions about your processes or costs. Create easy-to-understand invoices. Behave in ways that create trust, because we all know actions speak louder than words.So, do you see now, the power of trust when it comes to balancing a long-lasting relationship with your partners and clients?With trust, there will be word-of-mouth, and then earns loyalty, and then becomes the reason why the relationship is one that is worth having.

 Are you aware of who and how much you trust to ‘get things done’?

What does ‘trust’ mean to you?And how has trust  helped you to build long run relationships?



  1. Patricia,

    Trust is certainly an important quality to have yet often when we do trust, we get hurt by the person or persons we trusted. What happens is that when we trust and give, we may not receive what we expect from the person we gave to and trusted. But the universe seems to be fair. And someone else shows up to provide for us. If we keep focusing on the person who disappointed us, we will miss the goodies that are right in front of us in another form or another person.


    Dr. Erica

    • Thank you Dr Erica for your comment and insight.
      I totally agree with you ,we need to know who to trust and who not to trust to protect ourselves from getting hurt.
      This is true for all our relationships and trusting ourselves for knowing who to trust, tursting our intuition as well as our higher self is the basis
      of all.
      Thank you again and happy to see you on my site, I’s a fan of your blogs and work.

  2. I woke up this morning knowing that I had seen your blog carissima and my computer had shut down and it went away – so I trusted that you had something important to say and here I am!

    TRUST – music to my ears – I have run my business for the last 15 years in TRUST – I have had loyal customers that they have been offered lower prices but they continue to come to me – WHY – because of my looks – I wish – (well maybe) – LOL – but because of trusting me with my product and knowing that I will not lie to them and if I don’t know the answer I will get it for them in a timely manner.

    Same thing in relationships – it takes trust – my marriage ended because I couldn’t trust him anymore – once trust is lost it’s very hard to get back.

    I love your stories that you include in your blogs – I guess I would say that I trust my instincts and go with what feels right in my gut in my heart!

    Here’s to trusting bella,

    • Hi Nancy,
      it is magical to see the rapport here, I believe we all have the right message for another person and the magic is to open our pc
      and read what we need to hear and read;) Thi sis what syncronicity is about, right?
      Trust is the pillar to create and maintain a relationship in the lond run, it takes integrity, love, caring and kwoing who we are and what we want.
      I feel the same when reading your blogs, the last article on procrastination was interesting, and rich of important information for all of us!
      Best wishes and thank you again;)
      Ciao carissima!

  3. I agree, Patricia. Trust lies at the core of every relationship. Without it there ain’t no “relationship.” And you show us how to go about building this trust. That’s it’s not enough to say, “trust me.” You must ACT it. Our conduct speaks louder than words. As Emerson once said, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

    Thanks for reminding us how to build this vital trust: acknowledge mistakes, don’t promise more than you can deliver, and show that you care (don’t just say it).

    • Thanks Srinivas for your comment and this wonderful quote. Very true indeed.
      Showing that we care is an “attitude” not for ego purposes but focusing our attention on others.And when nothing is expected this is when miracles happen!

  4. Trust…The word that relationships are built on…true relationships…authentic relationships. The same word that when broken has been damaging enough to start world wars. I individuals will be unselfish trust works. If people will be willing to become vulnerable, then trust works. You made such important and valued comments. Everyone should read this post and learn. Thanks!

    • Thanks Martin,
      By trusting oursleves we trust others and vice versa. The secret thought starts always from who WE are and how much we trust ourselves, the more we do the more in the flow we are effortlessly….
      Nice to meet you and hope to see you around soon!

  5. Patricia,

    These are some EXCELLENT suggestions. For me, the biggest way I’ve found to earn trust, is to deliver (and actually over-deliver) on my promises.

    If I say that I will get back with a client by Friday, if at all possible, I’ll get back with them by Wednesday or Thursday. Promises to me are not “aspirations” they are locked-in goals I must meet. If I’m not sure I can do it, I don’t promise it!

    Seems so simple, but based on the feedback that I get, this is something that escapes a lot of business people. This is one easy way to gain trust and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

    • This is a greta way Natasha, I am punctual too as I value the time of others. Delivering before time is a great way to buil trust I agree,
      how many of us can do it though?
      Another way to do this is showing we care after the service is delivered, with no strings attached.

  6. I think people forget that even in business, if you fail, people can accept it. What they cannot accept is not keeping them in the loop and not admitting your mistakes, or even how you will fix it.

    Trust is definitely a two-way street. Trust yourself first before trusting others, if not… it becomes a waste of time.

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